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altering a roho high profile

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    altering a roho high profile

    i have a 16x18 roho thats too big for my chair. my chair is 16 wide but the cells push out an rub my wheels plus my chair is 16 deep so you can see the problem there. i was wondering if it would be possible to cut off one row of cells down one side an 2 rows down the other to make it 15x16.

    if so what would be the best thing to use to seal the channels that the air goes through?

    Consult with the company. They may be able to do it for you. One time I had one that didn't fit right and we were able to send it to them and they cut off one of the rows.


      Yes, contact roho and have them alter it. It will last when they do it.
      I've been in the same boat( not rubbing though) with the last two rohos I aquired. 18 wide and I'm 16 wide. Plus too long. If ya find out what it costs, let me know. I tried various sealants on my first to seal the channels of one chamber I had to isolate. NEVER found anything that lasted more than a couple days.


        You guys are all trippin

        first, try to go through insurance. If the thing really doesn't fit and is rubbing then you need a new cushion. Kind of hard to argue that.

        second, I wouldn't even mess with that cushion. There would be quite a lot of pressure on those seams. The consequences of failure are not exactly something I would be willing to accept. The thing just may hold long enough for you to forget about it and then go flat. Doesn't seem worth getting stuck in bed over.

        Without seeing exactly what's going on it's tough to say what will work. I have heard of people tying off certain sections. Maybe zip tie up what ever cells are giving you trouble. You could also try and put something in between the cushion and the cover to stiffen up the sidewalls a little. Some sort of plastic strip if you got it. This might keep it from bulging out on the side so much.

        Good luck


          A trick I learned to keep the cell sides from rubbing the wheels is to use a cover one size smaller in width. Ex. if your cushion is 8x8 cells, buy a cover for a 7x8. Its a little snug fitting it in but keeps mine from rubbing the wheels. When the covers are older they stretch easier this also helps with that problem. When you need to repair a hole in the cushion, especially in a crease, try using a glue called "Shoe Goo", find it at Walmart, Home Depot etc. it forms really well for difficult places like where the cell meets the base. For best results, with fine emery paper, rough up the area around the hole, apply glue, let it dry over night, For emergency let it set for 1 hour, it is malable enough to take the moving around. "Warning, Don't try to peel it off, you may tear a large hole where you glued it". If it leaks again just add a little more glue over the existing leak. Be sure to open the air valve to neutralize the cushion pressure during the glueing process. Banding cells for a short time is ok, but you increase getting a leak where the cell is folded because of the crease. Do Not attempt to cut a row of cells, better to get a smaller cushion that fits better. Hope this helps.


            Can you put side/clothing guards on your chair?


              thanks for the ideas guys.

              racer...i really don't want sideguards on here. that would definitely work though.

              i've had the cushion for 5 yrs so ins. or a roho free fix are out of the question.

              what give me the idea was i saw a couple of roho's on ebay. one had some cells removed from the butt area by the factory and the other one had the same cells removed except by the owner i guess. just thought somebody may have had success doin something like this before.

              i'm not gonna try it myself now but if i do decide to ask roho about a price i'll holler at ya cap'ngimp.