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    Ryno Ramp Truck

    Hi everyone,
    Just wanted everyone to know our RAMP truck is complete and ready for production, NO UVL, looks like a regular truck, let me know what you think!! As you all know I am a quad always trying to figure new things to make us feel better, drive your personality!! We do have a choice

    That truck is nice. What's the floor to roof height on the drivers side? Also, is it possible to make it go any lower(c-notch/step notch)? Can you drive it at the height its at when it lowers for the ramp? I love low trucks. The lower the better.


      Ryno - sweet, great job

      Incidentally, what is the estimated full conversion cost of the ryno ramp for a Nissan Titan?
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        Excellent idea. You'll have to beef up that ramp though, it'll never last.
        Death and taxes


          Called Ryno Mobility for some inside scoop on the ramp truck.

          1. Ramp truck currently available on Chevy & GMC short bed 2WD vehicles only.

          2. Truck cost between $15k and $18k depending on options.

          3. Ryno conversion cost: $24k (Includes everything except ez lock system and hand controls).

          4. Time frame: 6-8 weeks (Florida)

          Improvements like door actuators (speed) and one touch remote are coming.

          Personally, the non 4WD thing is a deal killer given that I live in CO. Overall, impressive stuff though. Hopefully they'll start modifying other trucks (Tundra, Titan) etc. with the ramp option vs the elevator / lift option.


            hmm... bed length shouldn't matter as all they're modifying is the cab box. I can understand the 4wd issue if they drop the floor, although t-cases can be relocated if they're clever. I'd be curious if they could find a way to mod a crew cab, lower the rear seated section, & swivel the front seat(s) for transfers. If I ever came up w/ the cash to dump into another rig, I'd want a 3/4 or 1-ton truck for towing. The lowering kit screws that up though.

            Just giving you food for thought, Ryno.