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Cushions - High Profile/Low Profile?

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    Cushions - High Profile/Low Profile?

    Dear all,

    I need to ask a stupid question:

    What does high and low profile mean when referring to cushions?
    I've seen these descriptions many times, but still have no clue what it means.

    I sit on a Roho Airlite cushion. What type is this described as?

    Yours stupidly, Keps.

    High profile is 4", loprofile is 2" -- at least as far as ROHO cell cushions go.

    Airlite, not sure - i don't see a depth measurement on the site, besides, it's a contoured one, so it may not be measured as high/lo profile.

    I prefer the low profile. I demoed a high pro one and felt like I was sitting on my chair not in it. It was too high and made me feel unstable. I did see how if I had my chair set up differently and deflated the cushion to have contour like yours, it would support the back of my legs better if I kicked my footplate up higher. Dunno if that would make the cushion more ineffective tho.

    I like my ROHO, but the thing I don't like is the sweating. As I thought about it, tho, I have always been one to sweat and it's mostly around my waist. I don't think that's the roho's fault. I'm just hot. Friday I was too hot at work and my poor scrub pants were soaked. I'm going to have to carry an extra pair of scrubs and change at lunch, I think.


      Thanks for the explanation Jadis.

      So all high/low profile means is height? I don't know how I never realized.

      Yeah, my cushion is contoured. I tried ones that weren't, and a gel one, but I tended to wobble all over the place.

      I think the Airlite is just foam, isn't it? Or does it have air cells in it too?
      Argh, I'm getting confused again.


        One of the things I like so much about my Enhance is that I sink down into it but still have the higher outer rim for stability.