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  • tires squeaking.......

    does anybody else have a problem with this? i have these vinyl tile floors an whenever its humid/rainy outside my tires squall on the floor. theres no way i could sneak up on anybody. its awful. they don't do it when its cold weather or i can shut the doors an turn on the AC an they quit. any ideas???

    i have the standard tires on my chair......

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    Could always spray the tire once a week with Armourall

    and rub it in, that would probabley get rid of the problem.
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      Don't wash to floors so well? Don't run over the dog.... Put sneakers on.... Don't move?....I have lotsof ideas, just not good ones

      Keep the pressure right, thats usually my squek...but it sounds humidity related......


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        air them up to max capacity rep
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          Originally posted by fuentejps
          air them up to max capacity


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            x3 -- i find mine start squeaking when it's time to air them up again.


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              x4.....I usually know that my tires are severely low on air when they start squeaking. (I don't pay enough attention to the chair getting more difficult to push until it's a bear...blondeness i tell you,
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                Originally posted by rollin64
                theres no way i could sneak up on anybody. its awful. ....
                Why sneak up???
                Just teach them to FEAR your very presence in the vicinity...THEN they won't being needing you to catch them in the act...

                you could always UP the volume of your favorite sound/tv/radio/giant woodpecker/attack possum and drown out the squeaky tires



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                  Come on, folks, give rollin64 some credit for probably already knowing that low tire pressure causes squeaky tires on tile! The question was about keeping them from squeaking when it's humid/rainy outside, which isn't dependent on tire pressure.

                  I'm not sure you can stop that, rollin, and even tires inflated to full capacity are going to squeak on a vinyl floor when there's enough humidity in the air. A little moisture makes rubber tacky (a lot makes it slippery, as we know). If you've ever played basketball pre-SCI or been to a game, you know that rubber soled basketball shoes squeak on the hardwood floor. While some sweat or water puddled on the floor will make a shoe slip like it's on ice, the same shoe becomes tacky with a little bit of moisture. When I used to play back in the day, some of us would lick our hands or spit on them then wipe the bottom of each shoe, quickly cleaning off some dust but leaving a little moisture for tackiness. And this was before Nike Air soled shoes, so no air pressure issues applied.

                  Rollin, the only suggestion I have is, assuming your tires are fully inflated, you'll need a different type of flooring, like hardwood or ceramic tile. Both will still sqeak a little with humidity, but less than most vinyl floors, I believe. In my experience, ceramic is the least squeaky. New tires with fresh tread might help, if your tires are old, but even then they'll squeak a little when it's humid, at least when turning.

                  I like CapnGimp's response.


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                    Try a cleaning solution called: Bona-x That should help you're tire squeeking problem.


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                      thanks for the input guys.....

                      an yep..... i know keepin full tire pressure helps a lil but they still squeek. ive tried the armor all before. it didnt help. im thinkin maybe try to strip the floors an rewax them. theyve been moppin with pine-sol. im gonna check on that bona-x stuff.

                      oh an capn gimp.......

                      they already fear my presence cause i'm a good toe getter,lol.


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                        Originally posted by Chris Chappell
                        Try a cleaning solution called: Bona-x That should help you're tire squeeking problem.
                        Chris, where can one find that stuff, and can you use it without rinsing it off with water? I need something to help clean my tires so my caarpet stays cleaan once I come inside. Or is that for cleaning the floors?


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                          tattoo'd, crippled and employed - yippee for me.

                          ..been working over 2 years now. In an office. The same office the whole time. And for whatever reason my wheelchair tires in the last six months have been squaking ridiculously. The cleaning lady must have switched cleaners, I haven't a clue because I've never seen this mythical being.

                          Anyway - is there anyone who has come up with a solution? I've tried two different type of tires - Schwalbe Marathon Plus and now running a smooth Kenda Kontester. I am a tire pressure Nazi - always have full or better pressure. I tried Armor All'ng them today. No luck. Tempted to try Turtle Wax next, but I dread the thought of transferring out of the tub/shower or on the pool deck.

                          Considering those socks that go over the entire tire but that's far from ideal for when I need to run out in the shop. Does anyone remember the name of them?

                          Please help me I am driving my co-workers mad (and more importantly myself)


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                            I ignore my squeaky tires. It will go away.


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                              If your camber is off slightly (toe in, toe out) it will make your tires more likely to squeak on clean floors. Just combine with moisture or slightly low pressure could cause them to squeak more often.