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    Originally posted by Scorpion View Post
    Chris, where can one find that stuff, and can you use it without rinsing it off with water? I need something to help clean my tires so my caarpet stays cleaan once I come inside. Or is that for cleaning the floors?
    The Bona or Bona X company makes a large line of wood floor, laminate floor, tile floor, and cabinet cleaners and polishes. Their various products are available in many supermarkets, Bed, Bath, & Beyond, Walmart, Target, Costco, and on line stores.


      Are the tires old? If the tread is bare than the squeakyness happens no matter how often you fill them. In my experience, anyway.
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        Maybe try a different tire? I've had good luck with Schwalbe Marathon Plus series tires.
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          Originally posted by tooley View Post
          tattoo'd, crippled and employed - yippee for me.

          ..been working over 2 years now. In an office. The same office the whole time. And for whatever reason my wheelchair tires in the last six months have been squaking ridiculously. The cleaning lady must have switched cleaners, I haven't a clue because I've never seen this mythical being.

          Anyway - is there anyone who has come up with a solution? I've tried two different type of tires - Schwalbe Marathon Plus and now running a smooth Kenda Kontester. I am a tire pressure Nazi - always have full or better pressure. I tried Armor All'ng them today. No luck. Tempted to try Turtle Wax next, but I dread the thought of transferring out of the tub/shower or on the pool deck.

          Considering those socks that go over the entire tire but that's far from ideal for when I need to run out in the shop. Does anyone remember the name of them?

          Please help me I am driving my co-workers mad (and more importantly myself)
          Originally posted by rshadd View Post
          Maybe try a different tire? I've had good luck with Schwalbe Marathon Plus series tires.
          Why do you post if you don't actually read and comprehend what you are responding to?

          Originally posted by Crappler View Post
          Are the tires old? If the tread is bare than the squeakyness happens no matter how often you fill them. In my experience, anyway.
          Actually I don't remember the "original" Marathon's I had on before that were ancient ever being squeaky. Curious how when the new tread pattern of them were brought out there were multiple posts here about how mushy the new style seemed to be compared to the "original". Like a car tire (or any rubber) they get harder over time. I suspect many of the "original" were quite old and hard which contributed to their better rolling resistance.

          I'm going to dig my oldest baldest set of Marathons out of my parts cave and give them a try. Fact is I only put the smooth Kontester's on in the spring to reduce the amount of sand/grit/debris I drag inside with a treaded tire.

          Originally posted by Mike_Stan View Post
          I ignore my squeaky tires. It will go away.
          Like when you die? If you read the posts we are looking for a solution. (other than burying my head in the sand)

          Has anyone tried talcum powder? One of my co-workers suggested it, but he really doesn't know much about anything.


            Originally posted by tooley View Post
            ...Has anyone tried talcum powder?...
            I use talc on my shoe bottoms so they will slide on our wood floors as my indoor chairs do not have footrests. If you use talc on your wheels, you may not get *any* traction.
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              Hey tooley,

              I think this may be a function of the newer Marathon Evo's as I've noticed this myself with my chair at work.

              I wonder if changing camber or toe would have an effect?


                I've read this whole thread and I'm surprised no one has found something to help stop or reduce tire squeaking. With all the different wheelchair tires available and all the different floor cleaning products, you'd think someone would have found the right combination. I have tile floors and the squeaking seems to get worse the cleaner the floor is (I guess that's where the term squeaky clean comes from). I'm far from being a clean freak but even a slob like me has to clean his floors once in a while. I'm still hoping someone will share some helpful tips.

                btw - I did read the post by Chris, saying Bona-X would help but didn't anyone agree or disagree.
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                  My tires never squeak unless I'm coming in out of the rain. Then they are obnoxious.
                  I believe it's because running around in rain cleans all the crap off the rubber which then can stick real well.
                  Assfault tile is the worst. (asphalt is not a rectal disease!)
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