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    Basically it SUCKS. Ordered a new titanium TRA referencing my old chairs serial number and got something nothing near what I have. After 2 MONTHS, and Ti-Lite admitting they dropped the ball and screwed up on my order, they still will not return my phone calls and I still have a $3,000.00 chair that is useless.

    This is my last Ti-Lite. Period. In case you have not noticed, I am pissed.

    If you are thinking of changing from what you have to Ti-Lite, I don't recommend it.

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    It sound really awful.
    Sound like they are hoping you will just give up.
    I would get in touch with some local nemspaper or tv-station.
    Few companies like bad publicity, so then they might compensate you in some way.
    E-mail Ti-Lite first and "explain" you will get in touch with the press.
    For 3 grand the chair should at least fit your needs.


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      I sympathize Schmecky. I am in the same boat. Not with TiLite but another company.
      I ordered an alu version of a titanium chair, that I have had for 3 years, from a small company in Ireland. I have been really happy with the titanium chair, but thought I should have a back-up chair too. The alu chair arrived and did not look at all like the titanium chair (the frame conduit was thinner, no camber, different footrest) and what is worse the seat depth was wrong, 41cm instead of 46cm. A very big difference. I sent it back, can't get a refund, can't get a replacement chair and they no longer do the titanium chair. The company who designed the chair have changed the manufacturer they use and it is the manufacturer that is refusing to help - the only thing they are prepared to do is make the seat canvas deeper without changing the frame depth. Not a solution I could accept on any count. I am so pissed off. I keep emailing but no joy yet. The company are trying to sell the chair to someone else so that I can get my refund. I could be waiting months and months - and in the meantime I am Euros 4000 out of pocket and still have no back-up chair. The only reason I went for an alu version of this chair is that I was so pleased with the titanium one. Now I wish I had just gone for something more standard and cheaper.


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        This may seem obvious but did either of you use a credit card to pay for the new chair? I would stop the credit card payment. This forces the company to deal with the problem.


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          Did you order the chair directly from TiLite or go through a dealer. I'm on my 2nd TiLite and never had a problem with them. One time a screw fell out of the adjustable back plate, I emailed them describing which one it was and a couple of days later I had a package in the mail with a bunch of screws in it.
          Learn from the mistakes of others. You won't live long enough to make all of them yourself.


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            Try to get in contact with Mark Westphal over there, the front end customer service can be a runaround, so sometimes it is best to deal with the boss. He is pretty good, we straightened out some caster stem issues with a TR frame I ordered where I was cannibalizing parts of my first TRA, as well as getting a warranty replacement frame out when that new TR frame cracked. Just let him know whats up, he'll take care of you.


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              I've had great luck dealing with Ti-Lite. If you want a exercise in frustration try dealing with Otto-Bock Canada, their sales & customer service reps don't even know what's on their own web page argh!


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                When my vendor ordered and assembled my TiLite ZRA, they screwed up a couple of things, wrong brakes, no seatbelt, wrong back angle etc etc. I noted this on my Ti Lite registration card. The president of TiLite emailed me and asked to elaborate on my experience. I wrote him back in a clear and concise manner on the problems w/ my chair. He replied too me, notified customer service, they contacted me. In a few days I recieved a package with new brakes, and a bunch of free tilite gear. I had a great experience w/ TiLite and would reccomend contacting their customer service department.

                *Remember, the people working customer service are people too, people who can get burned out or bored of their job too! Sometimes we want to vent and scream at the person on the other end of the line, but a lot more can be accomplished by being, polite and diplomatic.
                "Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts."
                Winston Churchill


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                  I've had good experience with them, TiLite, as well.

                  Sorry to hear that others haven't been as fortunate.