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Cheap manual chair used as a shower chair

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  • Cheap manual chair used as a shower chair

    I just bought this cheap manual chair from ($259, with brake extentions).

    I'm planning on using it as a shower chair. Has anyone else done this?

    This is my reasoning:

    1. I have doubts I'll ever be independent in a shower chair. The seating is too high and awkward. In order to do my BP I must lean way over which is also difficult in a shower chair.

    2. A manual chair is much easier to push, manuever and lock.

    3. It's just plain depressing to even look at my shower chair. It appears so ominous and institutional.

    4. The manual can be folded for trips, etc.

    I presume the manual chair was not made to get soaked on an everyday basis; but for a couple hundred bucks, replacing it every year or two is doable.

    I tried out the ETAC "clean" chair but it was no more functinal than my standard shower chair.

    Any thoughts?
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    I am assuming you don't do bowel care or that you do it in bed or directly on the toilet. This chair would not fit over a toilet, and also does not have any significant hand clearance areas to reach underneath for bowel care even if you cut out the seat. Are you planning to cut the seat so you can wash your bottom? Be sure you get some type of cushion for it too.

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      I would suggest shoping around for different shower chairs. I finally found one that is similar hieght as my manual so I could transfer and got the knobby push rims so I could push it. It also has the same type of brakes I have on my manuel chair. I don't know how far you can lean over but I don't move too much in order to do my BP.
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