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Does Medicare cover Shower comode Wheelchairs?

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    Does Medicare cover Shower comode Wheelchairs?

    Hi All,
    I need to get a new shower commode wheelchair but was told by several vendors here in CT that Medicare does not cover them. Can anyone confirm this? Thanks.
    Daniel G.

    As far as I know, Medicare doesn't cover shower/commode chairs.

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.


      they won't cover anything bathroom wise here in georgia..........

      i guess........ bowel issues aren't a main priority for s.c.i. victims.


        I heard they weren't covered under Medicare too. It's strange. From what I remember they'll pay for a commode chair without wheels so you can crap in your bedroom but they won't buy ya one with wheels so you can go where you should!

        I once thought about having Medicare buy me a bedside commode chair and keeping it in the box and selling it back to some vendor for half or 1/3 the price. Then putting that money towards a commode chair with wheels just to get even with Medicare in a sense! But that might be considered "fraud" so the idea quickly fleeted from my mind. As fast as a Fleet enema moves your bowels.

        But you may want to call a Medicare advocacy person or group in your area and ask them. Sometimes exceptions can be made with the right doctor and/or vendor who knows how to finesse those Medicare forms.

        Or give Medicare a call. 1-800-MEDICAR(E)
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          I was given the same story from regular health insurance. We had to pay for commode, shower chair, and grab bars.

          Same story with a proper wheelchair. Insurance will rent a piece of crap Invacare, forever, for something like $50/month, that allows me no independence outside the house. What I need is a lightweight that I can toss into the car. In the long run, it will be less expensive for insurance, and give me the mobility that I need to live life as an independent person. Go figure...