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Which Van Lift do you use? - Braun vs. Ricon

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    Which Van Lift do you use? - Braun vs. Ricon

    I'm looking into getting a new full size van & would like feedback from everyone, especially on the lifts. I've always had the Braun semi-Automatic lift (See Pic. of my current lift. opened & closed) and they've been great durability wise. The things I don't like about it (in order) are:

    1. Can't see out the side windows
    2. It's somewhat noisy from rattling
    3. Can't use side door with the lift closed

    I'm looking at the Braun Vangator II or Ricon Klearvue or Clearway lifts. I'm not sure the Vangator would hold up though as there's about 500lbs. with my power chair & me. I've also heard Ricon's have more repairs than Braun.

    I'd like to know what type of lift you have & what you think of it, good and bad.

    Ricon (VMI)
    Crow River
    Fully Automatic
    Semi Automatic
    Manual Wheelchair
    Power Wheelchair

    i use a braun swing away kind with no problem except sum rattlin when i hit a hole in the road


      Mine is a Ricon, i think it's the Clearview, but not sure which model for sure. It splits in the center as it stows and that makes it a LOT easier to see out the side windows.(Not the one that folds in 3 all the way to one side) It also makes it easier for the rest of my family(and ab friends) to use the side doors of my van. The weight limit on the lift is 800lbs so it would be able to handle your chair w/out a prob. As a matter of fact, we abuse my lift regularly when going to Costco & Home Depot by bringing the fully loaded carts up on it for easy un-loading. If you would like me to, I'll check my documentation to find out exactly which model it is. When I first got it, the plastic guards on it rattled quite a bit, but I solved that by putting the soft side of sticky back velcro on it where it was rattling. The only other rattle I have is where the bumper came out on the landing plate and if I could get it to stay in(haven't put forth much effort there) the bulk of that would be gone as well. I've put that screw/bumper back in once, but the threadding is stripped out so the screw just backed itself out w/the van's biggie, just haven't gotten 'round to dealing w/it....My van makes louder noises than the lift does....

      I, too have heard others have problems with Ricon, but I've been fortunate so-far that the only prob on either of the Ricon lifts that we have is that the older one needs fluid refilled about every six months.....From what we've garnered tho, that is because the wrong type of fluid had been used in it before so it's more prone to loose it now....

      Hope this helped and answered some of your questions. feel free to ask any more....

      EDITED TO SAY--Based on the link that RJC Provided I have the Clearway Lift, not the Clearview one....Mine splits in two like his does...I don't have auto openers on my doors(YET) but it splits in the center and folds out of the way as it stows and deploys.
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        i have the ricon one that splits in 2........

        its the only logical buy imho...when it splits when up the doors are nearly full open as if it weren't there


          I use the Ricon too, 8 years only one kickspring popped. -Have to adjust the bolts every couple of months for optimum function. I love it tho


            11 yr old Ricon Clearway here, never been worked on...rattles some on ruff rds. Just ck for loose stuff ever now an then.
            IMO their bullet proof. Just got a new van with the same type lift, took awhile to get all the new saftey sensors fine tuned ( old one really had none) I,m pleased with it.

            FWIW...I had hoped the Vangator II. would work for me because of the additional clear space for the pass seat to adjust. I tried one while at the dealer, It's rated for 600#, I'm a big boy now, me and chair 580#. It started wadding up like tin foil! Later I sought out a tech/installer I saw working on an VG II, he didn't have much good to say about it.