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Braces callipers electronic wow!!!!???????

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  • Braces callipers electronic wow!!!!???????

    Reppected all here Doctors & Dignities & Friends,
    I am completely lost of when will stem cells actually be cure for spine injuries with protocol.Heard abt Dr.Lima, Dr huang but dont know what to do.I m paraplegic from D11 & D12 staying Inida,bby.its really difficult for me to come to china or portugal without ne surity.i really cant i have decided to walk with crutches and callipers which is damn tough.
    Doctors, i am going to implant ITB.Baclofen catheter to remove spasticity whcih will be helpful for me to walk.

    I really need ur help to enlighten me with various aids to ppl like me.bcos worst thing is i cvame across to baclofen which no doubtedly was successful in test n i was very happy.I got to know sooooo late abt baclofen.So i m here to get the various helpful ways i can improve my lifestyle, my walking n all.Does electronic callipers exist ?))).......i wont be shy but i wear diapers(.ne other alternative where i can hold my bowel n urination???i will be really grateful to know various types of callipers. Please help me to get better lifestly.well i m living best from outer but uncomfy innerly.i cannot climb aid or ne electronic thing which helps me to climb staircases?????

    I m 23....In india, its marriage of my frd ready to marry me but i want my lifestyle smooth n good n movable......staircase is THE BIGGEST PROBLEM.......Help me pls.......


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    You are trying very hard. And this is ever so commendable.

    I know about crutches and calipers and stairs..but don't have realization about the bowel and bladder problems you are also dealing with while trying to become upright.
    That someone else will have to try and advice you on.

    The stairway manipulations are always the toughest part. I can only imagine your stairways are most likely somewhat as ours were in days gone by. The smaller the step the more difficult they are to manuever.

    And it will require MUCH practice and innovation to your individual physical limitations. What works for one..doesn't always work for another.

    But always no matter who it is it takes sometimes years to become good at the steps..because we don't do them constantly.

    You have to be sure of your balance on the crutches. If you are using one type and don't feel confident in your ability to recover from a loss of balance I would suggest you try other models if you are going to be using them in daily life. I don't care for upper arm crutches and use underarm crutches..just because of this reason. But each person must find their own type that works for them.

    Also you have to work around the confinements of the braces..if the steps are large you can be much more confident. The smaller, higher,
    and other variance of steps is a challenge..and sometimes you may even be forced to do them on your butt. This is much better then breaking bones and your head.

    In the days when steps were so narrow and at such a steep angle..I took them using the crutches first from one step to the next..then bringing my legs down in unison to the step where the crutches were placed. And did this for the entire flight of steps.

    With larger steps you can take crutches and legs in unison..but this takes upper body strength that is developed with long time crutch use.

    So for now..practice on safe steps..figure out what does work for you. And if you use steps that have sturdy can use these rails as a balance catcher also..especially when you first start to navigate.

    This has been for going down steps..going up them is harder as far as keeping your balance.

    When going up stairs try to get as close to the adjacent building as possible. You will most likely have to motate by going with both crutches foreward on the next step and bringing your legs then to the step..and that second when getting the legs to the next step
    that is when balance is challenged..and even if it is only a railing..but a wall is so much better veer your upper body towards that wall..against it if you feel like your going over..always veering towards your stronger side..if you veer towards your weaker are a goner. And going up stairs is the direction you will need to develope a strategy for that you can count on.

    And by all means if there is any way to avoid narrow steps that are very steep in so. These steps can be a monster. And be cautious of wet steps..these must be taken ever so carefully..and if they have ice on them..a butt job.

    Best of luck girl. It will take time. But time well spent in the end.

    "A conservative is a man with two perfectly good legs who, however, has never learned to walk foreward." FDR
    Life isn't about getting thru the storm but learning to dance in the rain.


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      One thing I want to make you aware of about crutches. Be sure you do strengthening exercizes on your shoulders before you really startt on the calapers and crutches, because you are basicly using your arms as legs, and they were not designed for that purpose. Be very careful not to fall with crutches as alot of damage to your shoulders, especially the rotator cuff.This can be even worse with underarm crutches, because as you fall the crutch gets jammed in your armpits. This is the anatomy that holds the shoulder in place and allowes you to have the ball and socket movement.

      The reason I bring this up is years ago I used crutches and fell and damaged my rotator cuffs permanently, and no surgery would be succesful in my case. I am now a wheelchair user, and have to use a hoyer lift for transfers, partly for the reason my shoulders can no longer do the job of sliding me on a transfer or sliding board.

      Be very careful and until you really have the skill down, especially on stairs make sure you have a capable and trusted friend to assist you and make sure you do not fall.

      Good luck and I hope this works for you, as it will give you alot of freedom.

      The bladder and bowel problem should be discussed with a doctor as there are alot of things they can do that are far better than diapers, and alot more comfortable, for example I use a foley catheter so my urine is drained directly into a urine bag and no urine ever tuches my body. There are many other bladder programs though that are taylored to your needs. This must be discussed with your doctor as he can set you up.

      For your bowels, there are systems or programs that they can set up so you will evacuate yourself at a spacific time each day and you will not need to wear anything to contain the matter. You will be given ideas on what foods to eat and when, and a time and method to make your body on schedule. This will also make it so that you can go out any time, without fear of odor, or dealing with having to find the right facilities. This also can be dicussed with a doctor or rehab specialist. Good luck and hope thngs work out for you!
      Disability is not a medical problem with social issues, but rather a social problem with medical issues.
      Franklin D. Rosevelt