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    cont'd...fourth photo shows seat up and in with swingarm raised (this would normally be lowered when driving with chair tucked in)..


      Last photo is of Tundra fwiw...


        Scott - waiting for those photos bud...I'm guessing you've got a modified tommygate, lift type setup>?? I considered it but went conventional instead.

        Happy trails everyone..


          ...and while I'm thinkin' about it thought I'd offer one more helpful idea.

          Before I had my Scout back on the road I used the Toyota for everything and took my lab, Buddy, everywhere w/me. Because I didn't want tons of dog hair in my cab and it was difficult, being low and with my quad paws, to lower the tailgate and get him in I came up with the following:

          1. I bought an (actuator) lift kit for the tailgate from which operates by wireless remote .

          2. Once lowered I then used this ramp for him from
          Then I'm able to lift the ramp and slide it into the bed once he was loaded. This setup worked really well and I still use it when we use the Tundra.

          Obviously, with the Scout being doorless he just jumps in and hops into his seat..

          Hope some of this is helpful..


            Thats right! I think you have posted similar pics before right Chris?

            That would be a piece of cake,and a lot cheaper than another Van mod im sure.Its just the cold up here that freaks me out.I think im gettin soft

            Thanks Chris...

            Hows the Pruett project comin along scott?


              Hey Chris,

              I see that the scout has a standard trany, how does that work, do you have hand controls for the clutch also?

              C-5 incomplete


                Riz - no, its automatic, first one - floor mounted on left. What you see is the seperate gear shift for 2-4WD H-L courtesy of 1975 technology.


                  I drive a 2005 GMC Yukon Denali AWD. I live in Michigan and appreciate the the AWD for snow and icy roads. I have a "glide-n-go" seat to get me into the driver's seat. It is very cool and it allows me to get in and out of the truck without using a lot of space. Have even used it in regualr parking spots. I would also suggest looking into the right hand controls. The controls have a way of getting in your way while getting into the vehicle. I wanted right hand controls but the person who evaluated me would not write it up for me. Wish I would have known then I could have gotten what I wanted.

                  I am in the process of having the rear door switched to be a suicide door(done at any car customizing shop) and the second row captain chair taken out and replaced with a wheelchair lift. Right now I am kinda disadvantaged because I cannot put my rigid frame into the truck by myself. But it will be very cool when it is all done. Imagine the look on peoples face when both doors open automatically. Right out of Pimp my ride.

                  As others have said......the possibilities are endless. We are only limited by our creativity.


                    I drive flip flops why can this guy get on cyber space but can not drive a chair?


                      I want to get one of those really small environmentally friendly cars. The smaller the better. I hate big vehicles but if you need one, then you need one.


                        Pre-SCI I've always driven 3-series BMWs ... was considering getting another one, but I was very disappointed cuz the hand control place in town said that they might have trouble hooking up the controls to that car. Has anyone else heard this?


                          I'm C6/7. mY first van was a '91 Ford E150 - 11 yrs and 210,000 miles on the same engine and tranny. Drove from my wheelchair.

                          Now I'm driving a 2002 Chevy Express 1500, using a 6-way power seat. Transferring adds 2 minutes to the total trip times, but its more comfy and safer.
                          "If ya don't have it in the hips, ya better have it in the lips..." ~ Charlie - Villa Dulce


                            I drive an Infiniti G35 Coupe. It's really easy to get my chair in/out. There's even a release in the back of the passenger seat so u can move that forward. Here's some pics.


                              Originally posted by Shaun
                              A lot depends on your lifestyle...i hunt,fish,haul my boat and a cattle trailer,so cars and mini vans are out for me..I also enjoy not having to worry about transfering in the elements rain,snow or just down right cold.I roll in,shut the door hop in the driver seat and im gone in under a minute..No mud,sand or salt on my seats,and no wear & tear on the shoulders..The Magnums a cool car,good luck buddy

                              My rig...
                              Hey Shaun, how do you get in and out of your boat? My sister has a boat I want to get on and I'm in an electric chair and haven't quite figured out an easy way.

                              I drive a dodge caravan and love it. Drive in, drive out, quick and easy.


                                Thanks everyone, I also appreciate you taking the time to post
                                pictures. It's still up in the air for me, but I have gotten a lot of
                                helpful information. Thanks.

                                Hunker- Wild picture man, really makes you realize how fortunate
                                we are to live in such an accommodating country. I have several
                                relatives who live in another country and they told me I am so
                                lucky to have been born in the U.S. because people in other
                                countries don't have the help we do. I believe we are the only
                                country with an ADA law, canada might too but i'm not sure. Later
                                Word to your mother