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Exoskeleton Robotic Suit

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  • Exoskeleton Robotic Suit

    Check out this web site

    This product was in Times Magazine as best inventions of the year

    Quote from web site:

    "We developed the exo-skeleton type power assist system to realize the walking aid for the gait disorder person. At the present time, HAL is state of the art power assist system in the world. Some sensors such as angle sensors, myoelectrical sensors, floor sensors etc. are adopted in order to obtain the condition of the HAL and the operator. All of the motordrivers, measurement system, computer, wireless LAN, and power supply are built in the backpack. Using the battery attached on the waist, HAL works as the complete wearable system.

    HAL has the hybrid control systems which consist of the autonomous controller such as posture control and the comfortable power assist controller based on biological feedback and predictive feedforward."
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    BIOFEEDBACK key word here, ya gotta have a body that SENDS a message, it just amplifies it. Nifty step in the needed direction though.


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      Seems cool but yes, you do need return, and probably a slightly good amount of it. From my encounters with bio feed back it doesn't work too good with trace movment. Are they devloping this for SCI or just people with a "walking" dissorder?
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        [edit] determined2heal,

        I did not mean to make fun of your post. It is very interesting [/edit]

        How about Sigourney's Power Loader?

        ...just hand controls, and nobody is going to mess with you
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