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Help me Choose a Titanium Chair

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    Help me Choose a Titanium Chair

    Hey, everyone,

    I'm looking for a strong, light titanium rigid manual chair, I've read some reviews, but i need more info...
    i won't be doing a lot of adjustment, if the order is right, but i want to use parts off my current chair, like the invacare loBack, and my cushion. and i don't want my feet to slip off the foot rest. tips?

    I'm really active and kinda rough on my chair, so i need durability, strength and as light as possible.

    my current quickie (40 pounds) weights a third of what i do!

    I'm trying to choose between: Quickie Ti, the Ti A-4, Ti Termination everyday, and TiLite chairs.



    Hi. I have a Terminator titanium. I've had it three years and never had a problem. It's built strong, and you can still adjust the center of gravity. This is a huge advantage to some of the others where it's permanently set in place. The adjustable camber is also easy to adjust. As far as a footplate, I went with no footplate, just titanium bars. I coated them with skateboard grip tape, and my size 12's stay put. The new anodized color options and suspension option might be something to consider.

    The only downside is that one downtube that some of the others don't have. The Quickie ti and some TiLites are like this. It looks cool and helps with portability. It also puts a stress point at the angle of the top downtube, requiring thicker titanium tubing being used. Invacare had a chair design like this at the abilities expo. The only difference was that angle was a combo of titanium and carbon fiber (the same material as a Ferrari Enzo chassis). The rep said if I could bend it, he'd give me the chair. I'm not sure if it's available yet, but you may want to look into it.

    Beware of what websites say about the weight of each chair. Some weigh with wheels, upholstery, etc. and some don't. It also depends on your back and cushion. The new Roho backs are less than 2 pounds, but you have to pay out of pocket. My chair is lighter than my friends Quickie Ti and he has to tighten the rear dump bolts periodically.

    At the abilities expo, I saw more terminators than any other. It might have been my timing though. All in all, get what works best for you. Consider painting or polishing brackets and stuff to make your chair stand out. I know I'm rambling, but it's an important decision to make.