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where can i buy Adaptive Equipment?

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    where can i buy Adaptive Equipment?

    does anyone know a website or store that sells adaptive equipment.
    Im a 6 year post C5 SCI and all my equipment is that old and just falling apart.

    Im looking for 3 main things..
    1. a long writing wancheck/ computer typing stick..
    2. eating cuff (fork n spoon holder)
    3. long straws

    all these items i have are so worn out that i cant anymore put them on my self and feel more disabled now than i did a few years ago.

    28/M/chicago/C5-c6 quad Comp.

    Try this site I found some stuff but call them and ask for Jombo, Stacey, Gwen or Jimmy if they do not have what you need they will tell you where. Try this too




        Here are another couple of sites too:

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