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    Maybe this will help someone else out in future too.

    Trying to show the 'usable length' - the area I define as inside of ball to edge of nut GREEN, YELLOW, TURQUOISE lines

    So if I need 4.37 inches I need to go for AX22 or even AX20?
    Phil C6
    "If you can't explain it to me in less than 10 seconds, it's probably not worth knowing anyway..." - Calvin


      SLAP ME somebody! QUICK!
      I was WRONG Phil, measure ALL of the thread to beginning of ball.

      Thought about it, makes sense to me, where did I come up with my hairbrained scheme.....even though it makes more sense to me my way, as only the part from inside the nut is actually usable. If I were to go by the WORDING, I would use inside length- nut face to bearing edge...but hey, I just think logically

      I still haven't received an email from them, just wanna be absolutely sure they measure same way.
      Got this from those high dollars at sportaid

      BTW was checking out your 'MY SPACE' page last nite, thot u were an old man fer som reason, LOL!
      I gotta put me one of those up sometime.

      I gotta go put some time in on the old handcycle.
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        email by PONY EXPRESS lol


        We measure from the ball to half way through the threads, or useable area.
        I think Phil has it right with the AX22. It is adjustable both smaller and
        longer about 3/16 or so either way.

        I'll send them soon and we'll find out for sure.

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        Subject: QR axle length

        Thu., Dec. 8, 2005 at 23:30:15

        First Name: John
        Last Name: Baxter

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        Phone Number: (423) 581-1855

        Do ya measure from beginning of ball to start of thread(ID) shorter
        or from beginning of ball to end of thread (OD)longer?
        Asking for a buddy in South Africa who is a quad and having difficulty. He
        thinks 110 mm length is needed
        I'm verifying this before he orders from you. and asking him about his
        measurements to be sure. I am going to make spacers and send just in case,
        we would rather order long than short. Thanks a million, btw it's for a set
        of xcores trying to install on a Tilite ZRA.



          I'm gonna sTANk on this one for a few...


            Hey Phil,
            If it were me, I'd order the AX20's with a 113 mm axle, once again better long than short.I don't think that there is enough adjustability in the 22's to safely accomodate 113mm. I'll send ya a couple different sizes of spacers just in case, if you order the AX20's if you want. Let me know what'cha wanna do.

            you will notice in the picture that at 4.375 inches, it is fully extended, and you REALLY need at least 1 full thread extending beyond the nut for safety. Therefore, if ya measured just a tad short, you're hurting.
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              yo Phil. .... if you need help fitting them give me a call I also need to fit those rails, so give me a date m8 ?
              It's not a wheelchair it's a lifestyle!


                try axle spacers maybe on a longer pair of axles if you have a long set, works for my rugby chair when i use spare x-cores. good luck!
                Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies...


                  CapnGimp, you're a legend! When you help people out it is 100%. Thanks for all your ideas.
                  I've emailed the guy from the website and he is pretty sure that I need the 4.5inch only so I'll try it. It's only time and money, right!

                  Martin, will chat to you on im.
                  Phil C6
                  "If you can't explain it to me in less than 10 seconds, it's probably not worth knowing anyway..." - Calvin