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  • wheelchair advice wanted please...

    I am a t2 complete, and I wondered if any of you helpful folk out there could give me any advice regarding wheelchairs.
    Here goes:
    I am female, 28, 5'11", have a big bum and bad balance. I want a chair that's as light as possible, but due to the size of my backside, I need the seat to be 20 inches (yes, my bum really is that big!). Also, I need armrests to be able to lift myself for transfers, but I'd rather not. So, I want armrests that are as unobtrusive as possible. I also need unobtrusive sideguards, to hold my bum in. Has anyone got any suggestions? Oh, I'm only 8 months post injury, so I'm in an NHS wheelchair. It's an Invacare Action 2000. It's not terrible, but it weighs about 21 kilograms, and isn't the most attractive chair!