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    Interesting discourse on covers. Makes me wonder what kind/size cover I will get w/ a new one if I decide to buy. The demo one seems to have the stretchy spandex type mentioned. It is nice and slippery for maneuvering but does allow side "blowout", but I have solid sidegaurds so can't got too far. But I do remove one when peeing for more leaning room and makes it a little tough to get it back in the bracket afterwards.
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      I had a really difficult time taking getting my sideguards in and out while sitting in my chair as the Roho was pressing so hard against it, and I have the solid plastic sideguards. Also the cushion repeatedly pushes my left sideguard against my wheel which is annoying, and we've tried tightening the part the sideguard slides into that holds it on but it doesn't want to stay put. I have a Quadtro Roho cushion that is 9 x 9 cels, and we just got a smaller cover that is made for a 8 x 8 cel cushion. It is only my second day in it but it seems to hold the cushion together much better and it doesn't push the sideguards out. It's still made from the same materials but seems to be a lot more secure as far as I can tell.
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        Wheelchair Cushion Pressure Monitor

        Maybe this would help some people?