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Side guard sizes?

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    Side guard sizes?

    which side guards do you have on your chair? do you have the small ones or the standard size? i have the small ones on my quickie gpv, and when i ordered my tilite zra-c i got the smaller ones with it too, but they dont seem to come above the wheels. i did get 25" wheels on my tilite compared to 24" on my quickie. i think i need to order the standard side guards now. dont they resist being able to lean over to pick things up, being that they stick up so high?
    Josh S.
    T6 complete as of 7/17/03

    You said it josh. Yes, imo, they do get in the way when leaning over the side. They also get in the way of transfers, fingers getting caught, etc.

    The only advantage I've found is that they're somewhat helpful in keeping your clothes cleaner.

    They're just added weight to me - got rid of mine years ago.