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    Information on a Power Chair

    I just put this same query on another forum and am posting here because this is, I guess, life altering.

    I have a prescription for a power chair but know nothing about them. I contacted the vendor I will be using but the "Sales" woman would only say that all the chairs were good. She was offended when I told her I needed her help in selecting "one". I cannot believe a person working in sales (not general merchandise like Wal-Mart), has absolutely no product knowledge and cannot ask a few simple questions to find out what I need.

    I am a C5-C6 quad. I can use my legs but cannot walk any more because of my left knee. I have good upper body movement/strength and can use my hands okay also. I am 6'3", 225 lbs - 58 years old. I work about 300 yards from my home so I would use this traveling to/from work (computer programmer). I know everyone has different ideas about what brand is best so I wonder what features I should look for and who has them. I will go outside in the yard (grass) in this chair but on relatively flat terrain. I shouldn't have to climb any curbs as I work for the City and I can have curb-cuts put in where necessary. A lot of speed is not an issure as much as maneuverabiliy and reliability.

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    Well you've got basically three choices: frontwheel drive, mid-wheel drive and rear wheel drive... all these chairs are very manoeuvrable although according to my opinion be mid-wheel drive chair is more manoeuvrable but personally I would not use it to drive 300 yd. to work. A good rear wheel drive chair would be your best bet. Since you quite a large man being 6ft 3” and I presume you have long legs all these are factors that must be kept in mind when purchasing a chair.

    My company builds electric wheelchairs to customers specifics but we don't export to the States yet. My suggestion would be a invacare 3G Ranger X rear-wheel or Quickie S-525 Rear Wheel Drive.
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      I am very happy with my Permobil Chairman 2k, it is front wheel drive with tilt and recline as well as a seat elevator. I drive all over town with this chair without a problem. I did not care for my old chair, Invacare Storm rear wheel drive. My Permobil is much faster, easier to monuver, and more powerful as well as a smother ride.
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