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Recommendation for an arm bike

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  • Recommendation for an arm bike

    So, I decided to get a two week physical therapy tune-up before school starts. Then hopefully I'm going to start on the maintenance program at Erie County Medical Center twice a week if my schedule permits. I would like to buy a stationary arm bike for at-home. (It is so much easier all the way around to have the equipment at home!) I was ecstatic last week when I could actually move it myself! It was only a couple minutes very slowly but you have to understand I have not done anything for my arms in years. Truthfully I had almost given up on my arms.GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

    any recommendations?
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    Hi Shannon;

    Noah uses an Ergometric Multi Cycle from EFI Sports Medicine.

    Here is the link:

    This is not displayed on the site but there is an 800 number for info about all their products. We attached it to a table so he can stand and work but he could just as easily use it from his chair with another setup.

    UBEs (Upper Body Ergometers) are a very common rehab device. EFI is located in San Diego but I'd bet you could find a distributor or another variety close to where ya live.

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