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    Hand controls 101

    I can still drive with my feet but am thinking about getting hand controls to be ready if things get more challenging. Can anyone recommend a good brand/source for hand controls that my dad could just install? I have found websites with portable ones, which I find appealing, but I don't understand much about them. Is there a difference between permanent ones and ones you can transfer?

    I would suggest Monarch Mark 1 hand controls. I am not sure where you live but if you google your city/state and Monarch hand controls they should find some places.

    I have them and they are excellent, they are perminent and you puh forward to the dash to break and down toward your knee to accellerate.

    The portable ones are very different. with most of those you pull to go and push toward the dash to stop. the perm. are easier to use as they don't move around. the portable ones tend to shift around and can be unstable. I would definately go for periment mounted ones if you have a car you will keep for a while.

    perm ones will need to be installed by professionals and cost about $500 with installation. portable ones are about $300.

    Sometimes you can get assistance through vocational rehab and other places can help with the cost.

    what is your disability/sci? I would get them before you have to use them full time to get used to them. you can always use your feet even with them installed.

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