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Pressure relief and the airpulse pk cushion

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  • Pressure relief and the airpulse pk cushion

    Anyone have experience with the automatic cushion called the airpulse pk?

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    I ordered one and used it for a few weeks but it caused some other pressure points and I returned it just under the 30 day trial period. Be careful and watch your butt closely and if it doesn't work send it back pronto....


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      I got the EASE cushion and it has worked well for the past 3 months.
      I also had the alternating pressure cushion put into my van seat. No battery,wired directly wired into the ignition


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        Isn't it true that the ease cushion is a foam cushion?


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          EASE Cushion

          No, EASE Cushion makes intermittent air cushions, not foam cushions, although foam is part of the overall cushion. There is a company in competition with EASE who posts negative untrue crap about any EASE products as a smear campain. IMHO, EASE cushions are awesome. Search youtube for EASE CUSHION.....


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            My experience was the Airpulse was the same as Darty, back on Rohos.


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              i tried one, it did ok, a friend has one, but he doesn't use it that much, kinda uncomfortable, and i would still do the pressure reliefs, even with it alternating, i do know they will customize one for you if they send them a pressure mapping......