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Recommendations needed - carrying water.

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    Recommendations needed - carrying water.

    Up until the wheelchair I have used 32oz nalgene bottles religously for hydration. Freeze them the night before = ice water all day.

    Well, now with the chair that's a slight problem. Where do I carry it, where I will have easy access and it won't be in the way? We've figured out that we need a sand bottle holder off a golf cart for a holder and that's just too clunky.

    So this is what I am thinking.

    I have two backpacks that I really like:
    Oakley's Icon 2.0 - Mr Jadis bought me this one when I could still hike. It is the only one I could wear that didn't hurt my back. Mine was bought prior to the laptop compartment. (I like this one so much, he got me the mini icon to use as a purse. I'm such a girl sometimes.)
    Jansport Air Mesa - this one mainly due to two big compartments. Works well for putting wet/dirty clothese in one side, clean stuff in the other.

    Now, do I buy a hydration pack and just put it on the wheelchair in one fo these bags? or, do I start over and buy a hydration backpack?

    I need something to carry my girly stuff in, plus water. While I'm in classes, I also need a place to carry my college books. I would like to be able to find a way to make this work in an inexpensive way if at all possible.

    I have some primary very hot low water access situations coming up. The fair, star party, rodeo and airshow, and it all starts on July 30.

    Are there other brands other than camelbak that work just as well but don't cost as much? I saw today that nalgene makes packs too. I am overwhelmed and was just hoping to find out what others here use.

    I am in a manual chair btw.
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    This is how my chair is setup:

    I always have this "down under" thing velcroed to the bottom of my chair. I use it for when I go shopping. I throw my purchases on it so I dont have to carry them or worry about anyone else taking it (comes up high in back so they cant take something out from the back too easily). I also use it when I'm at school or just doing odds and ends stuff to put light weight stuff on that I know I'll be needing soon or several times. It's easy to reach and get to.

    I carry my books, highlighters, and school stuff in a regular bookbag on the back of my wheelchair. I can take it off and on faster than the bookbag/holder thing I've bought before that is made for wheelchairs and goes right under your wheelchair cushion (it was a waste of money in my opinion). I had to throw my legs off the foot plate and swing my legs around the sides of my wheelchair frame just so I could get my notebooks and books out from it. It was more of a hassle than anything. Here's a pic of the bookbag thing that I didnt like:

    To carry my wallet, car keys, catheters, and other everyday gotta have stuff. I have a small pouch that velcros underneath my wheelchair seat and hangs down behind my legs underneath the wheelchair. I dont have to worry about someone stealing my wallet or dropping something and not knowing it like I would if I was attached to the back of my wheelchair like I carry my school bookbag. This little pouch is what I use like a "pocketbook".
    I cant get the attachments to work so I'm just putting the website it's on so you can see the picture.

    As far as carrying water, I normally do not carry water. Sometimes I'll take a bottle to school with me on my long class days and it's room temp. I dont put it in the freezer or anything to try to keep it cold prior to taking it with me. I just carry it in my school bookbag.
    Some people on this site or the new mobility site use cup holders that attach to their chair. Walmart has some in the bicycle department (can get bike gloves that are the same as wheelchair push gloves there too). Medical supply sites also sell these cup holder things.


      I wouldn't factor in the idea of carrying textbooks. That won't be an everyday thing & will let you find a smaller bag for more versatility & all-around practicality.

      I'm biased towards Gregory packs b/c I used one for backbacking in the good ole' days, and they make quality stuff, albeit not the cheapest. I'd lean towards the outdoor sports market. I just did a quick search @ EMS... maybe this could help give you further ideas:


        I use a northface waistpack ( ) as a backpack on my chair. I have a hard back that comes to the bottom of my shoulder blades. so, I just wrap it between the hard plastic part and the cushiony part. am I making any sense? it's perfect 'cause it has the cup/bottle holders on the sides. so, I just reach back there and put my water bottle or cup in one side and usually keep my keys in the other side. there is plenty of room for my wallet, cell phone, etc. in the zipper part. I use a regular backpack for school and lay it on my lap when I'm carrying it. that seems to work better for me rather than attaching a book bag to my chair. this way I don't have to unload it or take it off before breaking my chair down to get in the car. I simply toss the backpack in the car.
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          Thanks everybody!!

          This is what I ended up doing:

          For books, I am using my Oakley bag. It has a waist belt and a chest belt and the other one doesn't. So, the weight is supported by my frame and not by my fabric seat back.

          I found a Kelty kids pack that holds 1.5L of water. It works great as a purse with or without the hydration pack in it.

          I do like the idea of the under seat net thing. I need to get something like that. If nothing else, to carry my push handles in. I hate them with a passion when I don't have someone pushing me. If I am doing it myself they are in the way and I can't maneuver/control well.

          I have to have water. I am on several meds that cause dry mouth, and figure I intake a gallon + of liquids daily. Whenever I leave the house I take 2 nalgene bottles with me. One is 1/2 frozen then filled; the other is 3/4 frozen then filled.


            I know a number of people who swear by a Camelback, which is a combination backpack and water carrying system. Has a tube from the water than you can access directly from your wheelchair seat. Made for sports activities, and may need a little modification for use on your wheelchair, but they come in a lot of different configurations:


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              thanks kld -- I bought a Kelty Starfish on Thurs, sorry I wasn't clear.


                I have one of those under seat nets as well. I LOVE it. I got my first one second hand. The second one I purchased on E-Bay from a wonderfully nice lady who's sold them multiple times, along w/some custom frameguards & other items....Anyway, if you're interested in it, the net is made by Dietsco(SP??) and has a little zipper pocket hanging off the front that I keep spare caths in. I also have my backpack on the back of my chair as my purse/catch all, but that is nice b/c I also prefer not to have my push handles on my chair. If you want the contact info of the lady I got the net from, send me a pm or e-mail & I'll e-mail it to you.
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                  water bottle holder

                  I have a Ti lite chair and ordered a drink holder with it. What a joke. I went to a local bike shop bought a water bottle holder. A couple of drilled holes and 2 pop rivots. And now able to carry water with me. It holds a bottle that holds 3 cups and easy to get at. I attached it two the main back rest post. And still able to have a large back pack. Works well. I can send you an email picture if anyones interested.


                    Try this water bottle.
                    It costs $42.00 and is worth every penny. It comes with a mounting bracket for the back of your chair.
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