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what's the best patient lift

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    what's the best patient lift

    what one patient lift would you reccomend to transfer a quad from bed to chair and back to bed. a lift that would put me way back in w/c and be easy for a small person to operate.


    Cindy Lift

    I'm 6'2" 220 and I use a Cindy lift it's small and works great... Just do a Google search on it...


      I use a Hoyer lift, works for me and everyone who opertes it. Thick carpet does make it a little more difficult though .
      C5/C6 complete

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        i agree with dgrotz on the carpet issue. it depends on your size versus the small person mentioned. have you considered a Guldman overhead power lift? they can run up to 5000.00, but not always. i was able to get a grant thru my states Brain and Spinal Trust to pay for mine. do some checking around before settling for using a manual hoyer daily.

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          I have had a Barrier Free ceiling lift for a couple of years and it made life much easier for my wife and family. Only drawback is its not mobile, but it is very easy for transfers.

          I know a lot of other people also like Sure Hands.


            If your situation prevents you from getting a ceiling lift, try to get a power mobile lift. I had trouble with my manual hoyer lift after two years. The power unit has been trouble free and everyone really appreciates not having to do all that pumping.

            Getting positioned far back in the chair seems to be more a matter of technique than brand, IMO. I have an aide that can position me perfectly everytime, the other one needs to pull me back after taking the sling out.