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Quickie TI Titanium Sliding on Axle

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    Quickie TI Titanium Sliding on Axle

    My "new" chair has been sliding on it's axle. I didn't realize that the axle is not welded, like my previous chair. So, the brackets that hold it all together have been sliding in the direction of most of my transfers (left to right).

    This has caused my D's locks to slide over as well, causing them to no engage properly, which resulted in my on the garage floor when my chair got away from me.

    I took it in to the shop, told them what I thought the problem was, the guy re-centered the chair on the axle and tightened everything down, but it happened again!!!! That evening I had to re-adjust the brakes again.

    Anyone else know of this problem? I'm about to FED EX this chair back to Sunrise Medical in tiny little pieces!


    I too experienced same problem. The axle nut required tightening. Besides the frame being inch longer than desired it's ok.
    Chae Wolterbeek


      Che, what/where is the axile nut? There are brackets, (one on each side) that attach the frame to the the axle, there are several Torx screws/nuts securing this to the axle.

      The shop has already tightened the bracket week later, it's moved a whole quarter of an inch again! I'm taking it back tomorrow. Anyone have ideas of how we can keep the chair from "travelling"? Rubber strip? Lock-tight glue? Should I ask them to get someone from Sunrise Medical involved?

      The weird thing is, that it's only moving on once side. I can't comprehend this. I marked both brackets, and only the right one is moving!

      My locks almost failed yesterday, I almost ended up in the middle of a deserted parking lot on my butt!