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    We are trying to find a way for Dennis (C/5) to come back to work in our family run office. We do a lot of telephone and computer work - customer service and sales. There are many things we think he can do in the office - he is quite handy on his laptop and can use his cordless phone at home really well.

    But in the office he would need to write while on the phone, which right now would be extremely difficult, do to the fast rate he would need to write - customers can talk really fast and lose patience.

    Has anyone else run into this situation? Is there a phone system/unit out there that can be hands-free, have a headset and a recorder/tape machine to record calls so he can play them back at his own pace and do the writing/typing at his own pace?

    I have done the search for phones but did not come across anything with the recorder/tape option.

    Any other suggestions are welcome.


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    There are a few units that enable phone calls to be recorded but I don't know how they connect with your phone setup. Go here:

    The one below has a phone line adaptor but isn't totally user-friendly for dexterity-challenged SCIs.

    I use a headset connected to my cordless and type my notes while on the phone. Faster than writing.


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      You might know that Windows comes with its own recording program (in Windows 2000, Start-programs-accessories-entertainment-sound recorder). If you have an external microphone for your computer (like I use for Dragon) you can gooseneck/stiff wire/Velcro it by the phone speaker and save the conversation as an electronic file.