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Don't buy an Invacare Storm TDX

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    I like the TDX 3, and the true track is a nice option. I'm not crazy about Invacares tilt system, (motion has a nicer one) but it works.



      Originally posted by angus
      Spadfan I can sell you a programer.... give me your email
      Angus, just saw your post. Shoot me a PM with the particulars and I will take it under consideration. The price Invacare lists in their manual is out of the question for something you would probably only use once or twice.
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      William M.
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        Just got a call yesterday from my DME rep telling me my insurance company approved my request for a TDX5. It was only submitted 1 day before that -- looks like somebody was in a holiday mood.

        I'm getting the Formula Super-Low w/tilt system. I'm concerned about the smaller batteries but I need the low height for driving, getting under desks at work, etc.


          I'm hoping to get mine low. I'm tired of sitting so tall that I can't reach things well.

          Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.


            TDX5 Storm

            My son has had the TDX5 Storm since then end of 2003. I cannot with a good conscience recommend this chair. When we first received it, we were overjoyed that our son had such a wonderful chair. That joy soon turned into frustration and then to pure anger. On the plus side, it has a great turn radius and is quick. On the negative side, the chair has a horrible tilt system. We have had the very same parts (actuator, SAC box, etc.. etc) replaced numerous times. My son has been stranded
            due to malfunctions. The electronics has experiences issues as well. All I can say is that we have had numerous service calls on what became a weekly basis. We still have hopes that our soon to arrive TDX5 replacement will eliminate our dissatisfaction with the product. Perhaps we received a defective chair on the first go around... I guess it can happen.