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Raised toilet seat for travel

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    Raised toilet seat for travel

    I'm new to this forum so I hope I'm asking this in the right area. I'm a T11-T12 complete and I'm two years post. I'm fairly strong and active, so light and small is better. I need some help finding an elevated, padded toilet seat with a slot in the side. I need something small and light for travel. Can anyone aim me in the right direction?

    At your level you should have good abdominal and trunk muscles. Have you tried just sitting on a regular toilet set or raise seat without a cut out and just leaning over sideways using a grab rail to do your bowel care? Many people do this just for travel to avoid having to take a raised toilet seat with them.

    I don't know of any safe ones that meet your criteria that are really light and portable. Keep in mind though that if you do take one with you, it is considered medical equipment and therefore not counted into your checked luggage limits on planes.

    What type do you use now? You could probably just take that with you.

    Lumex Open Padded Raised Toilet Seat

    You could also just use a toilet seat pad and put the opening at the side or back:

    Toilet seat pad

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      I am just now starting to get back control of my lower abs. I think I must have had nerve damage a little higher than my injury level. I have sat on a reg. seat before in a crunch, when I had an emergency. It wasn't a disaster and would probably work, but I am just worried about skin care. my program usually take between 1/2hr. to 1 hr. Is this to long to ask of the skin on my tailbone. Maybe I will try one of the padded seats. I currently use a chair I got at Craig, apain on road trips, impossible for air travel. Thanks for your help.


        I have the same dilemna. I haven't found anything either. If I do, I'll let you know. I'm thinking I'm just going to have to use some towels at the hotel for padding. I usually take 40-60 min and worry about all that stuff.


          They make a fold up portable transfer seat with a cutout for toilet and shower it folds up in a bag I have never seen one in person but I am sure it would be better than nothing and an asset if you travel alot. They are proud of them around 300 plus dollars. They have them at Sport Aid.Tubby II

          Billy T-12


            KLD, have any of your patients used that toilet seat pad?

            I'm going on a trip and it would be great if I could just send that ahead.