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Dealing With Rehab Wheelchair Clinics

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  • Dealing With Rehab Wheelchair Clinics

    Why do they suck so much...or is it just the one I deal with? Looking at getting a new chair so my Dr. writes a script for a "Wheelchair Evaluation" at the local rehab. Prior to the appointment I called them and said I was interested in rigid chairs by Ti and Colours. Colours rep said he was shipping a demo out on 12/13. When I get there today there is no Colours chair and the Ti rep didn't show up. So they showed me an Invacare A-4 and the new Quickie Ti. I was impressed with Quickie but I still want to try out the Colours so I said I need to come back. They weren't hapy with that as I only get one appointment...but they gave in after I pushed. My new appointment will be sometime in about 4-6 weeks..... AHHHHHHHHH! That sucks. Then to top it off they said because of insurance the chair will take 3-4 months to come in. Also, this clinic had no room to try the chair out...very cramped. Then they wouldn't let me go very far without someone holding on to the chair because they didn't have anti-tippers.

    On the plus side the Quickie Ti felt great compared to my Ti-X folding chair. I even had good balance with no arm rests and next to no dump. My balance in the Ti-X sucks and that has some dump.

    Sorry...I just had to rant.