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Night braces for arms??

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  • Night braces for arms??

    Does anyone have any recommendations on a good adjustable nighttime brace for arms? These things are very expensive, and I would love to hear some ideas. I have already lost some range that I would like to gain back.

    Brian C/5

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    I think you may need to be evaluated by an occupational therapist for these nighttime braces. You may be able to find what you need in a catalog or it may have to be made by someone who specializes in orthotics and prosthetics. This may be covered by your insurance and you will most likely need a prescription from your doctor. I have had a good working relationship with a company called Human Design in Long Beach California. Good luck!

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      I also lost some range of motion after leaving rehab hospital. The OT in my home town gave me what are called Mass Splints I believe. They are used on people that have broken legs or arms that have a distance to travel before getting to the hospital. It works like a baloon. You just put it on your arm at the elbow level of course and blow it up as hard as you can with your breath while someone straightens your arm as much as possible. It doesn't cut off your circulation and it's clear so you can make sure it isn't pinching anything. It worked very well for me and it felt good. I used a fair amount of weight after my arm was straightened enough. My arm is straight as can be now. I would just go to your doctor and ask for them or get someone to smuggle them out of the hospital. Hee hee!

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