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Cross-brace broken 2HP

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  • Cross-brace broken 2HP

    I've had my Quickie 2HP for 11yrs. It's comfortable and I won't give it up. I had ordered a new chair this year but the darn thing doesn't fit me (too tall, big and clunky) and the store I ordered it from said 'too bad, it's already been billed to the government.' Wrong - my insurance that I work very hard for covered half of it - but they wouldn't help me either.

    Anyway, the cross-brace broke on my old one, while I was at home (thank gawd), and now my friend is looking to have it welded for me.

    Anyone have experience doing this? It took him a day just to get the cross-brace separated from the rest of the chair.

    My new chair is too high and I'm having trouble transferring because of its height. I don't fit under my kitchen table and it makes my back hurt (it crosses right where I had Transverse Myelitis which is a sensitive area if touched).

    I f'ing hate this.

    I called the place where I got this chair again and they told me they can't get back to me until after Christmas. Those walking people obviously have no clue what it is to lose independence because of a damn chair. I've called in sick to work two days because I can't get in/out of the car easily with this one - let alone lift it into the car.
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