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Do you tip the service tech?

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    Do you tip the service tech?

    NuMotion comes to my house to service my wheelchair. I have never tipped the service tech. But I just wondered today if I should. Do you?

    I usually try to tip for services.


      I would never tip the service tech; they get good remuneration for their work here in NZ. I always acknowledge their work effort and result.
      Of course, if tipping was the acceptable norm here then tipping would only occur if the work was of sufficient quality.

      Do techs not get decent wages and salary in the US?


        I do.
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          No, and i never would. I don’t want the tech to touch my equipment in general. They insist on doing all installs themselves, I assume because insurance pays them handsomely for it.

          I’m not tipping for a service that I don’t want.


            28 years ago my first chair was a bozzo tech who couldn't pour piss out of a boot if the instructions were on the heel!
            I made the mistake of transferring out of the new (Quickie Revolution) chair onto my couch because it was easier than back into the loaner.....leaving me trapped and unable to be at all hands on or to avail us of the tool collection in my shop....including sockets, allen and spline drive, etc....which were desperately needed!
            Just another lesson in powerlessness that the universe puts on my plate too often!

            I gave him a tip when he was done, two hours later, almost two hours after I could have done the work.
            "Fiind a different line of work!"

            However, if a tech was to provide exceptional service and solve problems I was unable to deal with, yes I'd tip him. Great service deserves a reward.

            My latest experience: the timer on our 28 year old Miele dishwasher gets hung up at the same place of the cycle more often than not, and stays there forever until twisted slightly. It has resistance and makes many clicks as it is turned, just like a wind-up would, and can only be turned forward.
            First time I wasn't home; wife reported tech saw knob was dragging on facia and pulled it back a bit. NOT!

            Second time, I partially disassembled the door to see if I could get into the 'timer" but it was more than I wanted to do, so I sprayed CRC into the shaft/bushing and work it a bit; still NG and decided why persist when I can easily pay someone.
            I called their service department and told them I was qualified to have an opinion and that it surely needed a new "timer" or whateverthefuck was on that shaft.

            The tech came, did nothing, charged us $125 for a service call and said he would get right back to me with the price for a new "control box"
            That was almost two weeks ago.
            Oh yes! No tip here either.

            Soon I'll search out the part and availability. I'm hunching it's not available anymore, but I'd really like to repair this unit.
            We've had Meile washer, dryer, and dishwasher for 28 years and they're incredibly well built and satisfactory; I'm afraid the new ones may be of the new generation of disposable pieces of shit!

            69yo male T12 complete since 1995
            NW NJ