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Seat Pan - Hard VS Soft - Roho Cushion

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    Seat Pan - Hard VS Soft - Roho Cushion

    Hi All,

    Hard flat seat pan VS tension adjustable seat pan

    I use a Roho cushion (Quadtro) and I basically use a power chair, full time. I recently started sitting in my manual chair for days at a time, and I find it more comfortable regarding the cushion.
    *I'm swapping the same cushion between the chairs (resetting the cushion as per manual).

    I wondering am I feeling the cushion more comfortable because the seat pan on my manual chair is tension adjustable (in comparison to metal flat seat pan on my powerchair)

    Has anyone here tried putting something on their power chair seat pan to try replicate the 'bit of give' one gets on a manual tension adjustable seat pan?

    Powerchair is a F3‚Äč

    Great Question, I am a T-10 complete and have used Roho for over 16 years. I had chairs with straps and hard pans. I am not sure what is the Best for us. I currently use a hard pain with a 3" Roho on a tilt that is working. I guess what ever works best for the user.