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Replacement Lithium batteries for Spinergy ZX-1 Not available?

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    Replacement Lithium batteries for Spinergy ZX-1 Not available?

    I'm on my second ZX-1 and went with lithium batteries on the second one. It's time to replace the batteries or have insurance pay for a third unit. According to my DME, Spinergy no longer uses lithium batteries for the ZX because of BMI issues. He said he spoke with Beth at Spinergy about the issue.

    What are others doing who bought the ZX-1 with lithium for replacement batteries or did you go and install the lead batteries instead. I really liked the extra mileage from the lithium and not looking forward going back to lead batteries and their shorter mileage range.

    I would do some research and buy my own generic battery with the same voltage, size, current rating, and capacity as the li-ion you have now. So many of these DME manufacturers are buying off the shelf parts from China, throwing their name on it, and tripling the prices. If the 15ah li-ion battery doesn't fill the battery compartment, I would even look at 18-20ah batteries as well for longer range.

    Then once you have a battery, make sure you have a compatible charger for it



      These are best but you'll have to add you own connectors and set them and the ZX1 cover back 1 inch:

      For all of the above options:
      1. You must remove the black box that comes with the Spinergy lithium option
      2. Purchase a 5 amp or less 24v charger made specifically for charging LiFePO4 batteries. You will probably have to add you own XLR connector to it. Either cut it off your old charger or search for one online:
      Here's a correct charger with the correct connector:

      I alternate between two ZX1s and am currently using Four 18ah Dakota Lithiums(two are in a camera bag mounted on top of the ZX1 cover) on one of them and two of the 20ah Bioennopower LiFePO4s on the other.
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        I can't vouch for these but they're so cheap they might be worth a try:


          Thanks JS and Pat. I still have the prototype you made for me with the SLA battery setup. Can I buy bioennopower batteries and exchange them with the sla's? Or, is is best to change out the Lithium batteries I have on the newer unit and take off the BMI box. I imagine I'd just have to cut the slot in the cover longer to compensate for the inch longer needed.

          My insurance will pay for a new unit but not really interested in going back to lead batteries. My dme said he spoke with Beth at length why they were discontinuing Lithium option.


            Yes either one, they are both the same once you remove the black box. I've been using the Bioennopower 20ah's for over a year and a half in one of the original ZX1s that I built and the four 18ah Dakotas(for a total of 36 ah) in a Spinergy built ZX1 that had lithiums. You don't have to cut the cover just place it behind the armrest cross bar instead of in front of it. You can "stick", tape etc. 1" spacers to the front of each battery to keep them from shifting forward and rubbing on the wheels.
            The only problem with lithiums, which I'm sure you're aware of, is the way the can sneak up on you and run out of power so quickly without you noticing. You should never let them get near the red zone, especially if you're alone and always keep a cell phone on you. I got stuck a few times when I first switched to LiFePO4s and have since added a power tool battery to the front of my ZX1 for emergency use. It saved me the other day from being stuck in my driveway.


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              I like that power tool add-on idea!

            Kobalt 24v 4ah Li-ion
            Click image for larger version

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              Auxiliary battery pack:
              Click image for larger version

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              Click image for larger version

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                Nice job what kind of miles do you get on that?


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                  I've gotten as far as downloading an odometer app. One day I'll take it to a bike path and run them dry and post it here. I usually make it through everyday with just two batteries.

                This was a mock up of the battery pack on my original ZX1 with the 20ah bioennopowers and cover set back an inch. Other mod is a fat rear wheel on a unitine fork:
                Click image for larger version

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                Click image for larger version

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