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Spinergy x-laced vs Dino's any difference in vibrations & other Spinergy questions

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    Spinergy x-laced vs Dino's any difference in vibrations & other Spinergy questions

    Good afternoon & thank you for taking the time to read my question. Fingers crossed, after 10 1/2 months & 2 remakes (does Permobil quality control exist anymore?), my 2nd, hopefully dialed-in, ZRA will be delivered next week. Running RB Dino's on my current ZRA , considering different color wheels for my new ride. Unfortunately, Dino spokes are too thick/not compatible w/spoke covers available on Amazon. I love the clean look of my dinos, I'm also curious about Spinergy X-laced benefits.

    Vibrations are my CRPS & upside down BP's worst enemy. I use SD during flairs but chicken/egg increased speed=increased vibrations. I'm adding frog legs II suspension, ROHO cushion, custom Agility back (fully made of ROHO air-cells) & ROHO adapter pad for my feet. My chair is as close to bubble wrap as I can get lol.

    From the posts I've read on here people enjoy x-laced responsiveness/stability over standard spokes. I have a few questions;
    Has anyone noticed a difference in vibrations x-laced vs standard?
    To anyone w/experience w/Dino's & Spinergy did you notice a difference in handling?
    Does anyone know if spoke covers fit XSLX or LX spokes? Ebay has a new pair for $550 but I want white spokes.
    New chair comes w/Surge LT's on Shadows. I did the same thing w/my current chair and put the Surge's on my Dinos. Can I swap them on Spinergy's or do
    Spinergy wheels differ in shadow/dino tab design?

    I think that's it for now, thank you if you got this far. 🏰Have a magical week!🏰

    I've had both and also had the frog leg caster forks. I found the Dinos eventually started creaking soon after and the LX spokes loosened up after awhile. Perferred the LX over the Dinos. I finally went back to the Spox wheels with the extra spokes for less vibration and greater stability. Have had them for years and never a bit of trouble. I weigh around 220lbs so that may have made a difference.

    I didn't like the frog legs because when I went to transfer and push down on the frame, the fork would give a bit and taking the force of the transfer into the fork rather than lifting my body up. Also on banked paths or road, the forks had a tendency to want to veer towards the downward slope. So went back to regular caster forks and enjoy them much better.


      have you looked at plastic straws to change the color of the spokes? or wheel covers like basketball/rugbe chairs. my girl friend had bad neuropathy. i put soft rolls on her chair, a foot strap (seat belt webbing from the junk yard) instead of a metal foot plate, folding chair that i set up loose. smooth tread tires (right runs). got rid of most of her vibration problems.


        I know it’s too late now but I would highly recommend checking out ki mobility ethos and other suspension type wheelchairs. Game changer for bumps

        that and making the switch to 2” tires. Doesn’t look as sleek but man does it help