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Modifying wheels to a standard BMX rim/tire

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    Modifying wheels to a standard BMX rim/tire

    Hi all, (tagging Brad09 because I saw some of your other posts about wheels and hope you will have an answer)

    My current situation is that I am using the 22" Sun Rims with Nevagals that are 50-501. Problem is that I want to have a smoother, wide tire for road use. The other large problem is that I am going to be going longer distances handcycling with these tires, and no bicycle shop carries the only tire that fits these rims. The standard 47-507 (24x1.75) tires are close enough and are widely available.

    So my question is, can I buy a standard 36-spoke bicycle wheel (such as this one), take the rim off of it and mount it to my Sun rim hub (36 spoke)? I know about using rivnut handrims already. I have spacers and longer axles. My worry is the spokes. Will they need to be anything special or would a regular bike shop have them?

    Is there anything else I need to consider?
    Thank you for your thoughts and help

    I've never done anything like that before. But if a pair of the bicycle wheels you linked are $160 (plus shipping?) and then pay to have the spokes put on, it may be cheaper to buy some used 24" wheelchair wheels on ebay. These are about $200 with shipping, I'm sure there are others. You'd also have a much nicer lighter wheel with Spinergy's.


      Those Spinergy's are still using wheelchair tires though, right?

      My use is for handcycling. I need as soft a ride as possible for my back, hence the larger width tire (even Schwalbe airbornes 1 3/8 are not sufficient). I have been using the Nevegal 22" tires but I have been staying mostly close to home, so I could always get a ride back without much fuss if a tire ever had irreparable damage. Now, I would like to go bikecamping, and I do not want to carry a spare Nevegal with me for an emergency. Plus, I will be going through woods, grass, and gravel where the wider tire will be nice.

      So I need a common rim size with tires that any bicycle shop will have. 24" BMX tire seems to fit that bill. I'm now trying to figure out how complex it is going to be to put a wheelchair hub and handrim onto a BMX rim.

      Or are you saying that I can put a 1.75-2" tire on those spinergys? What size would that be?
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        I gotcha. To answer your last question, yes you can put a 2" wide tire on a 1" rim. I'm running a 25" x 2" (50x559) on a set of 25" Spinergy wheels (1" wide). If you wanted to run a wheelchair wheel that fits standard bike tires, I think it needs to be a 25" wheel (559) which will fit 26" bicycle tires. If you're wanting to stick to 24" wheels I guess you'd have to do it the way you originally posted.


          These are the tires I have on my extra set of wheels. I like them because they are wider for offroad, but they don't have much tread in the very center so they roll good on hard surfaces too (better than Nevegals at least).

          Click image for larger version

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            I see and now I understand why 25" are a thing in the wheelchair community. I will consider the 559s.

            I also found these spinergy-custom-507-offroad-wheelchair which is exactly what I am proposing.

            Or a DIY is wheelchair wheel hub for ~$70 and rims for ~$130. Add spokes $20, mounting ~$120, tires ~100, tubes ~20, and new axles ~100...I'm at about $560 plus all the hassle and problems (handrim mounting etc)....


              Interesting, didn't know they made 507 wheels.


                As one in the BMX world, you could work with a custom wheel builder that I believe could build what you want, either finding the right spokes or cutting them to size himself. If interested, PM me and I can give you a contact to an excellent wheel builder. (He spotted my Spinergy's right away and was familiar with them.). He is located in northern Indiana, so not too far from you, but ships all over; I have worked with him myself, not for my 'chair though.
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                  Oh man I wish you had commented a few days earlier! I found a wheel that some suppliers in the UK that make for 24" tire on a 507 rim with 1/2" axles. I will update when I receive them!


                I received my Invictus Off Road Wheelchair Wheels and they are FANTASTIC! For anyone considering this I highly recommend.

                Reasons I wanted these: Need to have security of finding a spare tire when out handcycling (I have a handcycle attachment to my chair), so I needed a standard bmx/mountain bike tire rim. Also need to have a softer ride than 1" tires and ability to switch between road and knobby tires depending on my trip.

                I ordered from a DME provider in the UK and they mailed it over to me. <$400 for 2 complete wheels and shipping. My standard 1/2" TiLite axles dropped right in and after adjustments, lock in snug. I did have to adjust the height of the wheelchair in the back to compensate for the 3/4" increase in wheel height and then my casters as well.

                If anyone is considering this and other options, here is my 2 cents:

                25x540 (1") to 1 3/8" tires - Works well enough, much better than 1" tires but if that amount of "suspension" is not good enough for you, time to look at 2" tires.

                559 rims/tires - Never tried them admittedly. I was around 5'11"(178cm) and I was concerned about the ergonomics of pushing a taller wheel. This was why I wanted to stay as close to the 24" (540mm) wheel height as I could.

                Nevegal 50-501 - I have a set of these wheels/tires and they are great, but the problem is that nobody anywhere stocks the Nevegal "22" tire. A 507 tire (standard tire in all bicycle shops) does not fit on a 501 rim (I tried, the bead is too large). Also the nevegal rims require new axles and spacers to mount to your chair.

                Quickie-24-Mountain-Wheel-Complete - This is available in the US but is more expensive than the UK DME provider. Same exact concept.

                Overall, it is a great upgrade that allows me to have my softer ride and peace of mind when I am out bikepacking!


                  you might look into changing your tires/wheels to run tubeless. you get a kit that seals up the wheel and then can run without the tube. lets your run lower pressures and with a sealant like Slim will plug a leak