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    Mobile standing frame

    Are the self-propelled standing frames worth it? Do you roll around your house or cook or what? No way I’m getting a standing chair. Already got rejected and I actually like my very small, very maneuverable scooter. Wondering what anyone thinks of the mobile feature or the glider feature of a standing frame. I use and love my current frame a lot (EasyStand 5000 that was free) but want adjustable knee brace so it’s time for a replacement if I can find a good used one.
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    i have the evolv mobile and i can say its pretty crap, as you have a tray infront of you also the front wheels etc are out front so you are far away from any cupboards,sink etc, i even took the tray off and attached a chest strap and theres still a bar up to waist height and the front wheels stopping you getting close, its hard to move around and its wide also rear stearing. but i guess its better than being stuck in one place but its not practical for doing anything apart from changing location.


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      Thanks. It looked like one of those things that seems great in theory but maybe not so much in reality