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New Smartdrive E2 endurance run

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    New Smartdrive E2 endurance run

    I have a new unit and watch so took it out to test the batteries, fully charged. The watch told me it would go 13Km.

    At a local park that has a 4Km circular track (parked in the middle to make sure I could push back) I ran it for 45 minutes 3Km before lunch during which powered down, then on a continuous trek, mostly at 90% max speed.

    The watch went flat after 15Km (approx 3.5 hours). I had an old Pushtracker watch and continued another 2.5Km when I thought I might be courting trouble and have to push myself back to my car. The SD appeared to be running a bit slower after about 13Km. I felt it might give me another kilometer but it had been on one light a while.

    Has anyone else done a similar test? With what result?

    I'm unsure how that will translate into a day out. In my travels with my old SD MX2 I did run dry a couple of times so took to carrying the charger with me to plug in during a meal.

    BTW my MX2 watch battery lasted much more than a full day in use. And after a full charge it was reliable to use after more that a week unused. What should I expect from the E2 watch?

    Is the E2 a whole new Smartdrive or is it just an upgraded watch?


      Both new


        Oh, nice. I was waiting for a new one to come out before I go through the battle with insurance to try and get one covered. Do you like the E2 better than the MX2 or is it too early to tell?


          There's a few aspects to this. I resisted upgrading to Pushtracker due to not being able to use the watch. I have one arm, and operated the MX2 button by pressing it with my chin. The PT button was too small so not an option. I tried the E2 and likewise couldn't operate by pressing on my (bearded) chin.

          Click image for larger version

Name:	modified pushtracker.jpg
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ID:	2916346​So with the MX2 needing to be replaced, I had my supplier modify the PT watch with a raised button screwed in place, which worked. However connectivity was CRAP and in multiple locations the MX2 was fine the it gave nothing.

          Supplier suggested give the E2 another try. First attempt was no good. Pressed on my nose and couldn't get it to work. Then realised It's tap, not a press so EUREKA. (Although apart from the big SD buttons I can''t use the system's menu items with my nose.)

          So, now to the system itself. It works great, no connectivity problems, even better than the MX2 that had some black spots.

          I thought I'd prefer the MX2 mode as there is even less physical activity required. Using a SD means there's little exertion so other forms of exercise are needed (which is not my thing).

          It is nice to be able to start the drive on a hill. Sometimes I just didn't have the strength to push start the MX2 or get it to increase speed with another push.

          I still do like MX2 mode with its one tap stop as two tap isn't (yet) a natural reflex. I did change to MX2 mode, which I'd still like to use indoors or in crowds for a quicker stop. However there is a horrible lag push starting the drive. The old one just kicked in as soon as I gave a push. Also in MX2+ mode there is a lag between double-tap and the motor starting. Make for the jitters crossing the road. Also crossing the road, I am used to setting off at good speed by giving a strong push. With the PT and E2 even with maximum acceleration it takes a while to be moving at speed to cross with full confidence.

          Maybe it's just this SD and I will be checking others to see.

          A frustration with E2 is it takes AGES to boot. Two minutes before the SD app appears, another 30 seconds before the green start button appears after pressing the blue button. So if I forget to switch it on before attaching the SD, two and a half minutes isn't the end of the world but GRRRRRR.

          Battery life of the E2 watch is a problem. Good that I've got the PT as a backup.

          I hate that the E2 needs a charge dock rather than use a USB cable. I guess it's better for waterproofing but I'd rather use a cable that is available everywhere than need to carry a dock around when away from home.

          I think that's everything and hope it makes sense. Ask anything more you'd like answered.


            Is there much increased rolling resistance if you don't turn the SD on? Like if you got to a small coffee shop or somewhere and turned it off, is it a pain to roll around still dragging the SD around?

            The bootup and watch charging issues do sound like a pain, but you've got me thinking more about trying to see if I can convince insurance to cover this. If I start now I might get it approved by next fall.


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              No it is hardly noticeable other than the rumbling that occurs from the wheel itself. Problematic if you live above someone and use it indoors often.

              I have a sd and a firefly. They each have their benefits but I would check out the smoov to avoid the watch because the control system on the sd is hot trash. Can’t believe they ever approved it. I’ve literally had it turn on on accident and it rolled me up under a table, flipping me backwards and putting my legs in an extremely risky position

              If you are open to front propelled check out the European options as well. They have lots of new things coming out

            No there's very little drag on a smooth level surface. Beauty of the system is it doesn't change your normal activity in any way. You will notice a change on maneuverability but it is minimal.

            I tried a trike add-on and while it was fun completely impractical for normal stuff. Can't approach a table, open a door, work at a desk or kitchen etc. And I flipped it going down a kerb ramp ... three wheels is unstable.

            Also I could not without a lot of effort attach/detach it. And it's extremely heavy so couldn't lift it into my car.

            The smoov has a button that you attach to your chair and hit to activate/deactivate the motor. I like that I don't have to take way hand off the wheel for that so keep total control. There is a button accessory available for the SD which you can carry in case the watch battery dies. (my preference is to have a spare watch). Also smoov is heavier. However I have not tried it so I can't advise on the product.

            I would have considered power wheels if there was one-hand possibility. Also I load my chair onto the roof of my car and don't like the idea of electronics exposed in the weather. ... for my car loader see wymo ... Australian product.

            I have not experienced spontaneous activation but an early MX2 which was replaced didn't stop when commanded. I had to reach back and switch the motor off. Fortunately that didn't occur in a dangerous situation.