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EPAS and reduced effort steering

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    EPAS and reduced effort steering

    Any quads out there that used to use reduced effort steering and figured out they don’t need it?
    ive been driving 15 years and my vehicle has always had the zero effort Steering. I have only had any issues turning left and when the steering wheel gets to the 12 o’clock position with my tri pin. I’ve thought if my tri pin was moved from 5 o’clock on the wheel to 7 o’clock it would never be an issue. All these newer vehicles have electronic power assist and I can’t find anywhere where it says it can be adjusted. A mobility works salesman told me they take out the EPAS and throw on the hydraulic steering with a booster pump at a cost of 8k. My arms are weak but not that week. My biceps can curl 20 pounds. My struggle with heavy lifting is core balance related.


    The VW/Audi electronic power assist can be changed/adjusted for effort. You need the factory tool or VAGCom tool to access it.

    I would expect that other electronic PS systems would have a similar ability.
    I've driven on their system since 06, thought about playing with it when I had the shop, but never got around to it.
    69yo male T12 complete since 1995
    NW NJ