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Storm Series Torque 3 - need help

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    Storm Series Torque 3 - need help

    I picked up the chair used from someone, just to keep at a property away from home to get around in the yard there.

    The prior user passed away and the relatives of that person I bought it from knew nothing about operating it.

    It drives fine. Power tilt is controlled by a single paddle button and operates as it should.

    But the problem I'm having is that I can't adjust the drive settings at all. The small button in the center, forward of the joystick does nothing. Hitting the "drive-select" option on the power switch does nothing also.

    There are "modules" that seem to be plugged into the back. I disconnected the "joystick" one and nothing changed, even after cycling the power.

    I can use this chair as-is, but it would be really nice to get maximum speed out of it, and turn down the turning sensitivity. I really don't like how it was set for the prior user.


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    I have a torque 3, but with the basic SPJ joystick/control box. With the control box you have aren't you supposed to be able to insert an SD card, then take it out, put it in computer, make changes, then put back into control box?

    I hope you get it set to where you want it, I know it sucks when chair is slower than you want.

    Call the Invacare tech assistance at 1-800-832-4707. Select parts on the menu. Hopefully have the serial number on hand. They've been very helpful to me over the years, my old chair/my backup is an SP.

    Good luck.