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jay fluid with cryo technology cushions?

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    jay fluid with cryo technology cushions?


    Has anyone tried any of the jay cushions with cryo technology?

    It's meant to keep you cooler than the standard fluid gel that jay cushions use.

    Here is a link to it

    Here is a video of how it's meant to work

    They claim in the video that the reduction in temperature is the equivalent of a 29% reduction in pressure.

    The first mention of it I can find of it is November 2019

    But can't find any reviews of it anywhere, surely if it was that good there would be more information around on it.


    Haven’t seen this but kinda would like to try it or hear from people first hand . I have used the stuff they are talking about just not for sitting and it does keep cool but I only worry about how comfortable it really is since I have used it it’s not that comfy to sit on I’d imagine for long time but idk sounds like a good idea but hopefully someone has tried it and says something


      I use a jay2 cushion with the standard gel pad, I would like to try the new cryo gel on the jay2 but don't know if they do that. I thought someone on here would have tried it, but not so far.