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    Lawn Equipment / Edger

    Has anyone come up with a way to attach/clamp heavier lawn equipment such as a lawn edger to your chair?

    I'm picturing something where you attach it to the front of your chair where it holds it off to the side which would allow you to simply push while it's running.

    What I currently do is edge a few feet of lawn, pick up the edger, put it in my lap, push forward a few feet, take the edger off of my lap and edge another few feet of lawn. I repeat this process until I'm done. Considering how large my driveway is and all the sidewalks around the house it's time-consuming. Likewise, tiring.
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    I guess paying someone else to do it doesn't count, but that is my solution. I have a friend who owns a lawn care business and he stops by every month or so. It's like $50 for a mow and edge, and I'm on 1/4 acre (which ain't a lot, but around here, near Cape Henry, in Virginia, that's is a lot.)

    (Sometimes one of my teenagers does it, but that probably doesn't count either!)
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