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Rear Entry Accessible Vehicles

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    Rear Entry Accessible Vehicles

    I have decided its time get a rear entry accessible vehicle.

    Have any of you had luck securing a vehicle with Freedom Motors that you can drive independently?

    The Abilities Expo is coming up so I am hoping for some sales on recently used modified vehicles.

    As with ALL lowered floor vans (side or rear entry) you MUST make sure it will work with the streets and driveways you deal with. Both side and rear ramp designs have clearance issues despite the rear suspension being jacked up. For me, this is the first factor to consider.
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      I have one for sale it's a manual freedom motors rear entry toyota sienna. Listed at cheaper than anything you can find online. Let me know if you are interested.


        Just to be sure, are you talking mini-van or full-size van?
        Full size I've had a few with rear entry via lifts and only draw back use be how well uplifter attached the raised roof. We got Sprinter back in 2003 and it was GREAT!! However after many years later how there are multiple choices for already tall van that no add mod is required. My problem is my wife won't drive tall full size van and my driving is very limited now.
        If mini van with rear ramp? I only used via local Transit and Transport companies. I am curious if any are made with access via chair drove to driver's position? But ones been in the ride was way rougher than side entry mini or fullsize vans.


          I want a rear entry so I have more flexibility parking but still be able to drive.

          Recently, I saw a Kia Soul from Freedom Motors with powered rear entry and transfer seat. However, the ramp is so steep that it will require a power WC because their is no leveling out inside and it didn’t even work with a SmartDrive.

          However, after seeing the vehicle my family all pointed out the many engine issue recalls. You can look them up but I was really surprised the salesman didn’t even share that information with me. The vehicle, any year, is considered the worst buy for mechanics and safety.

          Back to square one in my search.