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Looking for hospital bed and mattress with some pressure relief

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    Looking for hospital bed and mattress with some pressure relief

    I'm a C5 quad and I'm looking to buy a new hospital bed & mattress.

    For the last 25 years I've used a motorized Hill ROM hospital bed with a mattress system called the dynamic sleep surface. I believe the mattress has a layer of foam with air under it. There's a small motor attached to the foot of the bed. It does not provide constant airflow. But, the mattress adjusts with any serious shifts in weight. In all honesty after 25 years, I'm not that big and it takes a very serious adjustment for the air pressure to change. The mattress is very firm which I like and there seems to be very little shearing when people move me from side to side.
    At points, I've also used a Medline hospital bed with a couple hundred dollar foam mattress. This one does not elevate high enough for my aides to work comfortably with me in bed and the head of the bed does not elevate as high as the Hill ROM either. The mattresses is firm for a bit, but even though I turn twice at night, I still wake up laying in a divot. I can feel the sheer when they slide me as well.
    So something more in the direction of the Hill ROM bed and mattress would probably be better.

    In any case, I'm looking for a full power hospital bed that will elevate to height that is comfortable for my aides. I do not need it to drop really low to the ground for transfers… I use a Hoyer anyway. I also need the head of the bed to elevate fully. And I need side rails.

    As far as the mattress goes, I don't have any pressure sores, but I don't want to get any either. I'd like a very firm mattress with some sort of pressure relief and also one that does not create a lot of sheer. The mattress does not have to have constant air flowing (it does not have to have the big pump at the end of the bed that's always running like a vacuum cleaner and creates constant airflow). I've looked through a lot of the threads on the site and many of the mattress postings are geared towards those that already have pressure sores, which is understandable. I think most of these are a bit of overkill for me.

    In any case, as far as hospital beds go, Hill ROM's cost a fortune so I'd like to find something a little cheaper. And then as far as mattresses go, I seem to be in a spot where I am in between a normal mattress and one that provides extreme pressure relief.

    Can anyone help point me in the right direction?
    Thank you much

    Check the obvious Craigslist Facebook marketplace, I actually have one of those however I'm in Texas so it would cost a forrtune for shipping
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      I must've been unclear. What I meant was that I'm looking for recommendations on a bed frame recommendation that is closer in function to the Hill ROM frame and a mattress recommendation that again comes close to the mattress that came with that bed.

      So again, not necessarily where to get them. Just suggestions on what type of mattress to get and what type of bed frame.
      Sorry about that,