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Manual Wheelchair Users: Help Improve a New App

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    Manual Wheelchair Users: Help Improve a New App

    It's been some time since I posted here. By way of re-introduction I am an SCI occupational therapist who works at a VA SCI/D Regional Center and specializes in providing custom mobility equipment. I also use a custom rigid frame myself. I originally joined CareCure to help members spec out their own equipment. I realized that therapists and suppliers often made mistakes and there was very little information on the web about products. Regardless of whether someone is paying out of pocket or going through a wheelchair clinic, the more one knows about their equipment, the greater the chances they will receive a chair that effectively meets their needs.

    At this week's RESNA Conference, I attended a session on a new app being developed by the University of Pittsburgh, United Spinal and others that is intended to help end users do just that. I downloaded it and found many sections provided some very useful information. I also noticed that some of the definitions used to describe different aspects of a chair's configuration did not align the terms we use here.

    Unlike many posts in the past that have been made by grad students or others hoping to advance their individual cause, my only motivation for posting this is to help those involved in developing this app improve it. (In fact, they do not even know I am posting this.)

    These are major players in the SCI/D universe and this app may be widely used in the future. Your input could be invaluable. One of the points they made in their presentation was that they were open to feedback to make it better.

    Anyway, the app is titled "MWG Manual" and can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

    Let's see if the "power of CareCure" of year's past still exists!

    Perhaps we could sticky this for a bit?

    Thanks for the post. I had it downloaded and it has information for us power chair users too! Most of it was good. I do wish it had more detailed information about what to think about when being fitted for a chair. I am on my first chair and would choose some things differently for sure!


      I'm checking it out. It's a bit confusing. The interface is kinda clunky (eg buttons on the bottom are too near the screen edge). It's missing some important detail re: fitting and self assessment, I think. The vocabulary could be better. I'll comment on the review page in the App Store for them.
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        Please use this thread and not the app store for suggestions about the content. This is an early version that will change over time and to many early critiques could discourage people from downloading improved versions in the future.

        They are aware of this thread and will be monitoring it.


          There's two MWG apps. Which one?


            here's what it looks like in the Google Play Store...

            Click image for larger version

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              Perhaps the developers could make it available to international users, as it's not in the UK play store.
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