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skin issues and the toilet seat

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    Originally posted by renard View Post
    Sounds like you have a plan -- for other situations, Action Products gel commode covers are worth a look.

    Well, actually we don't have a plan anymore, so I appreciate your rec. Were you developing any sort of skin issues before starting to use this cover? I'm not sure if it will be thick enough for him.

    Every day my fingers are crossed when he gets on the toilet that he wont tear his skin even deeper by the time he gets off.

    ROHO basically admitted that they wont be able to make the kind of custom seat that my Dad needs. It is too difficult to make their air finger + square rubber base pattern close around a round toilet opening. The base of each finger is a rubber square that is somewhat sharp on the edge, and if around a round hole, would stick out into the hole and possible rub on anything dropping in. And if you make the air fingers higher than the low profile ROHO height (2.25") then you have to put a cover on the cushion to hold the fingers in place. This "custom cushion" has a design flaw of having a large seam that runs inside the toilet seat circle/hole. Another potential pressure point....

    So we are open to all ideas.


      My husband used it for comfort while he was still using a shower chair; he did not have skin issues at the time. The gel in the Action Products is very dense -- I still use one of the cushions we used for seating (they make wheelchair cushions, too) as a footrest in a desk chair that has to be too high. In fact, I think their main market is surgical positioning. My husband was 6'1", 250# if that helps.

      So I wouldn't worry about thickness, per se, but there is a big difference between air cells and a solid surface, so I can't predict how your dad would take to it.

      Later on, he used a Hoyer for toileting and we used Nutribiotic grapefruit seed extract spray and vitamin A/D ointment to help heal skin lesions.


        Maybe a car or furniture upholstery shop could sell you a piece of foam. Cut it down to the size you need. You could make the hole just big enough for a turd to fit through.