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Caster broke off E&J Shower Wheelchair

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  • Caster broke off E&J Shower Wheelchair

    I've used the E&J brand (now Graham-Field) shower commode wheelchair for 35 years. They have a problem with the front casters (wheels) wearing out after a short time. I had someone replace the casters, but one broke off after about a year. I've gotten great info and ideas from (WC_Sage here, I think):

    I want to buy a new one but they are not available right now (being redesigned).

    My question is whether we could have done a better job installing the new casters. See video:
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    It looks like the chair broke not the caster. I'd take it to a welder, have them fix it. The other side, I'd get a radiator clamp and put it around the bottom to reinforce the chair.


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      Yup, the frame needs fixed. Find yourself someone knows a thing or two about welding. You might try asking a bicycle shop for references. Get the other side beefed up at the same time.
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        I couldn't tell from the OP whether you're trying to buy a replacement caster or replacement shower chair. If you are replacing the chair and don't need a folder, you might consider an Activeaid Model 624 ss. I've had good luck with mine and it's built like a tank.