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    Has anybody got a Quickie M700 with tilt and recline, plus seat lift function? If so, maybe you could answer a question for me. When I tilt the seat, it rises a short way so that the chair doesn't catch the motors. However, I'm finding that occasionally when I bring the seat back into a normal sitting position, it doesn't drop down into the lowest position. When this happens, a little tortoise symbol appears on the readout, and the chair is stuck in the slowest speed. Sometimes I can go to the lift function and drop the seat back down into the normal lowest position. However, I'm finding that more than often it just beeps when I try and raise or lower the seat. I have then got to switch the chair on and off before the lift function will work properly.

    I've had a lot of problems with this wheelchair since I got it less than a year ago. Don't get me wrong; I love the wheelchair, there's nothing gone wrong mechanically with the chair. However, the programming doesn't seem to be right. It happened when I first got the wheelchair, and it went back the workshop. When it came back, I discovered that some of the functions such as tilt and the pressure relief setting had disappeared from the functions. It transpired that when the chair had been put back together a wire had been crushed. So the chair went back just before the lockdown, and I didn't get back until the beginning of July.

    I started using it after my Permobil got damaged and I discovered that there are still seems to be a problem with the programming. Surely the lift function should work every time, and you shouldn't need to have to turn the wheelchair on and off. It also happened with the leg rest extension a couple of times.

    I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced a similar problem.