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Anybody have any experience with the Schwalbe Downtown tire?

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    Anybody have any experience with the Schwalbe Downtown tire?

    Specifically concerned about rolling resistance. I used the Right Runs that roll very easily but don't seem to last very long.



    Is your toe in/out adjusted correctly? Are you using a degree in camber? If toe in/out is off and you have camber, that'll wear them out pretty fast.

    I haven't used the Downtown tire so not sure how long they last. I use Right Runs with 0 camber with the toe in/out adjusted correctly. I ride my Stricker attachable with my chair and RR's. They'll last me at least 8 months and are cheap by comparison to most other high pressure tires. My Freedom Ryder handcycle has Marathon Plus tires on with a 12o camber with toe in/out adjusted. They've lasted me at least 4 years. the front tire a little less because of the turning.

    The heavier the tire or low pressure psi tire are the slowest, especially if the have treads. Tires like Right Runs that are light, high pressure and no treads are fastest.

    The most efficient tire is one that is light, high pressure, no tread with toe in/out adjusted correctly.


      I have no experience of the Schwalbe Downtown. However, I can provide a second vote for the Right Runs ( Hi Patrick ).
      When chair wheel alignment is correct tyres will last well.
      I jumped into Marathons when I first became aware of them. They are good but a smooth quality tyre is easier to push, and quicker.

      What I do.
      When checking for toe, rather than attempt to measure from side wall or rim (inner or outer) I will mark two diagonal spokes with tape, then set the wheels up (locked) on a level surface using a verified good string level to ensure horizontal.
      Then hook the tape end on the spoke nipple end and measure across, using sufficient tension to ensure accurate readings.
      If you wish you could fashion a rod with a fixed end and mark the other at spoke contact point - less chance of discrepancy.
      This is consistent and enables accurate toe readings.
      If adjustment is required, ease the camber tube clamp sufficient to allow rotation. Rotate the camber tube a tad, nip-up the clamp and remeasure toe.
      Repeat as and if necessary until you arrive at the toe that satisfies you.
      Re-tighten camber tube clamp to torque or feel.
      I go for 0mm - 2mm toe in. It is easy achievable and is an accurate enough tolerance for me.
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        How hard would it be for you to post some photos demonstrating the procedure you use?

      I'm running the E-motion power assist wheels which have a specific insert that goes in the camber tube. They're set up for 0 camber and I don't know that there is a toe adjustment at all.I have a service guy coming tomorrow for a separate issue so I'll ask him about that. Thanks for the input.


        Hi Resonant Echo.
        I cant do much of anything at the moment as I fell from my chair onto my arse and now have a fractured L1 with good pain and numbness in my better foot.

        Check this old thread, post #13 It shows how I checked toe in on my fixed camber Quickie handcycle - same deal/
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