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  • Ki Mobility Ethos review

    Hi all

    after having my ethos for a few months, I feel like I am prepared to give a review. Or answer questions. The thing that makes this wheelchair special is it’s shock absorbing bushings that separate The rear wheels and casters from the seat and back. The result is a much smoother ride over concrete, sidewalks, and grass. I have a STRICK ER and it is like going froma 1 ton super duty to a halfton pickup. Between the shock absorbing and the roho back, my back is much less sore at the end of the day.

    things I like: Bushings, paint selection, adjustability, ROHO hybrid seat cushion and inflatable back (though I do wish there were more lateral support, even after flipping it upside down), the replacement ability of every component of the system (especially the casters, my tiLite aero t could not hold a zero for more than one crack in the sidewalk)

    things I dislike: No option for a deep back bar (my speedy lift needs room to grabThe bar to raise the chair), A lot of squeakiness in the back/bushings (I just lubricated them with Teflon spray and now the squeaks are gone, but for how long?), The short push handles (every time I take my coat or sweatshirt off, it gets hung up on them. For the ease of people to push me it is not worth always fighting it to get my clothes off)

    I have mixed feelings about the natural grip hand rims I put on. On one hand they are easier to grab, but I feel like I have to wrap my thumb over the tire to have grip because they are very slippery.

    Let me know of anything else you may have questions on!

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    NIce Ride! I'm guessing this chair isn't covered by insurance? What kind of stricker do you have?...motorized, hybrid or manual?